How to disassemble and place the hammer

Apr 06, 2020

Breakers are widely used in engineering operations and play a very important role in some crushing operations. Breakers are often used in place of buckets at the job site, but they must be strictly operated in accordance with the operating procedures when disassembling. Let’s introduce the correct dismantling method of Yantai breaker and how to place it if it is not used for a long time.

1. Disassembly method:

1. Move the mother machine from a muddy, dusty, dirty place to a stable and solid ground, turn off the engine and the main switch, and release the air if the air pressure in the fuel tank is high;

2. Rotate the stop valve (installed at the end of the arm) 90 degrees to the “off” position to prevent hydraulic oil from flowing out;

3. Loosen the hose connector on the bucket arm;

4. Be careful not to let sludge and dust enter the oil pipe. Plug the hose tightly with a plug and connect the pipe with a connecting pipe. Tie the high and low pressure oil pipes with metal wire to avoid sticking mud;

5. Remove the breaker and connect the bucket to the arm with a pin. If the breaker is placed outdoors, it should be placed on a wooden board and covered with a protective film.

Second, the placement method is:

1. Please clean the outside of the breaker first;

2. Remove and apply the anti-rust oil to the drill rod and put it away. After releasing nitrogen, push the piston into the hydraulic cylinder;

3. After injecting the lubricating oil into each part of the Yantai breaker, replace the drill rod. After that, they can be kept on stage.

If you want to put the breaker back into operation, you can reverse the above unloading procedure. Since the construction machinery will make the hoses and pipelines contaminated with dust after other operations, you should first replace the hydraulic pressure Pipelines and joints are cleaned.

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