How To Deal With The Broken Continuity Of The Hammer

Apr 18, 2020

Large breakers rely on hydraulic power devices to play the role of impact, hammering, and crushed stone. Due to the series of advantages of a wide range of adaptability and high working efficiency, the breakers are widely used in mining, metallurgy, transportation, railway, tunnel and other industries . However, due to the characteristics of the breaker, there will always be some small failures during use, such as poor impact continuity. It is a common failure of hydraulic breakers in actual operation and use. This failure will seriously affect the working performance and safety of the breaker . Today, I will tell you about the reasons for the continuity of the broken hammer and the solutions, and then let’s look down.

There are three main situations where the hydraulic breaker has poor continuity:

1. The oil circuit of the breaker is blocked, resulting in no high-pressure oil in the oil circuit and poor continuity;

2. The oil circuit of the breaker is faulty, and there are problems such as wrong connection of the oil pipe, insufficient pressure value, wrong direction of the directional valve, stuck piston, and failure of the stop valve.

3. The drill rod of the large crushing hammer is stuck, and the continuity and periodicity are affected, causing problems in function and stability.

Understand the reason why the continuity becomes worse. Let me tell you how to deal with this problem.

1. If the hydraulic breaker has poor continuity, the oil circuit of the breaker should be checked immediately, and the blocked parts should be cleaned or replaced in time.

2. To check the oil supply system of the hydraulic breaker, focus on the inspection of the oil pipe interface, the direction of the directional valve, the stop valve, and the piston;

3. It is necessary to check and adjust the state of the hydraulic hammer drill rod, and use the grinding wheel or whetstone to grind the problematic drill rod.

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