How nitrogen affects straight breakers

Apr 10, 2020

To talk about the role of nitrogen in the breaker, an important component has to be mentioned-the accumulator. The breaker with the accumulator and nitrogen pressure as the power source is a product type of hydraulic breaker, liquid-air combined breaker. The liquid-air combined breaker is mainly divided into three blocks: upper cylinder block, middle cylinder block and lower cylinder block. Among them, there are two places related to nitrogen. The upper cylinder is responsible for storing low-pressure nitrogen, and the accumulator in the middle cylinder is responsible for allowing nitrogen to function. Next, I will give you a specific explanation about how nitrogen affects the straight breaker.

The accumulator is filled with nitrogen, and the straight type hammer is used to store the remaining energy and the energy of the recoil of the piston during the previous strike, and then release the energy at the same time to increase the strike ability In short, the role of nitrogen is to amplify the blow energy.

The crushing hammer equipped with an accumulator can increase the strength of a single blow, and once the nitrogen is insufficiently added, the pressure in the accumulator cannot meet the requirements, which will cause the crusher to weaken, and even cause the accumulator The important component in the leather cup is damaged. If the leather cup is damaged, the overall dissection is troublesome during maintenance and the cost is relatively high. Therefore, when adding nitrogen, we must pay attention to add enough pressure value.

Since the lack of nitrogen will affect the performance of the straight breaker, is the more nitrogen added, the better? the answer is negative. If too much nitrogen is added, the pressure in the accumulator is too high, and the hydraulic oil pressure is not enough to push the cylinder rod upward to compress the nitrogen, the accumulator will not be able to store energy, and the breaker will not work.

Therefore, adding more or less nitrogen can not make the breaker work normally. When adding nitrogen, you must use a pressure gauge to measure the pressure, so that the pressure of the accumulator is controlled in the normal range, and you can make a little Adjustment, so that it can not only protect components, but also achieve good operating efficiency.

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