Hand Held Hydraulic Vibrating Plate Compactor /Hydraulic Plate Compactor

Excavator hydraulic plate compactor is used for multiple terrains and operations including bridge,road and rail way foudation compaction.

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Product Application:

Excavator hydraulic plate compactor is used for multiple terrains and operations including bridge,road and rail way foudation compaction. It can also cooperate with other excavator attachments for concrete, gravel and soil compation,pile driving and crushing.

SWT excavator hydraulic compactor plate has simple structure design with imported relaible quality hydraulic motor. It is very easy to operate and convenientfor maintenance. The body is made by high strength steel material for longer working life. And the plate size could be customized according to customer request within the size limition.


Time and again we have seen advancements in the equipment used in the construction industry. This is because it is one of the most growing industries in today’s world and the more advanced a piece of equipment is used the more the work will be done more easily. Hydraulic plate compactors are one-off attachments that can turn an excavator into a very useful tool on the construction site. SWT is one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic plate compactors in china. They make the excavator plate compactor as per the client’s requirements and all the material used in its processing is of the top and finest quality. One of the basic things that we want from our hydraulic plate compactor is that they offer high amounts of energy to reach greater densities.



An excavator plate compactor is used to compress many different types of soils without much effort and crush out gravel for many building projects. They come in a variety of sizes but their functions and properties are similar in many ways altogether. The machine is very heavy and stable and the base is flat which rests on the ground when the machine is taken up from the ground for its functioning. The plate then goes up and down according to the type of engine or motor it has. The way the plate vibrates has an impact on its performance in many ways.



Hydraulic compactors have made the work very easy and quicker at the construction sites by going to places where humans cannot reach any cost. To ensure maximum safety of workers at the site these are some of the best alternatives to use. Some of the uses are-

· To aggregate the soil and make it more compact.

· To dig a lot deeper than a bucket can do.

· To stabilize the soil in many ways.

· To compact the waste for more storage at waste stations.

· It helps in breaking down salt, coal,  and other such materials.

· Making the steep slopes denser.

· It helps to put the excavated soil back, i.e. backfilling.

· Installation of wood or aluminum sheets

· It compresses and smoothes down uneven dirt.

Therefore excavator compactors are used where other sorts of machines can’t go to complete the work. though a lot of effort goes into selecting the right type of hydraulic plate compactor according to the type of work you want to be done with that hydraulic compactor.



The work of the excavator plate compactor is to work up and down on the area where down is to be done. The flat bases go up and down quickly. This is done to pack the oil together even more tightly than before. As the impact takes place between the soil and the bottom of the machine it helps in compaction or compression of the soil. Excavator compactor works well on gravel and sand-rich soil. It is also advised that workers add some amount of moisture in the soil before carrying out this process.

It is also noticed that two to four times of compaction is enough to see the results that you want on your site. Though it should be kept in mind that the vibrations done by these machines can cause damage to the people and property living close to that area. So proper analysis should be done before carrying out this process to ensure the safety of everyone. If you try to put excessive pressure on the machine, it’ll do no good or it won’t increase the flow of your work. it will only damage your equipment. SWT is the prominent supplier of hydraulic compactor and moves on the latest technology and material.



The hydraulic plate compactor is made up of four main parts. The flat plate is made up of top quality steel and the other element bolted on it gives it the vibration. The power from the hydraulic motor helps the element to move and then working takes place. The hydraulic motor works from the pressure it gets from the machine. The movement would be according to the type and style that you choose. Hydraulic plate compactors have made the work a lot easier for us. This type of attachment offers little noise and offers many safety benefits also. They work in such a manner that the surroundings are not at all damaged and work is also done properly. As it is a rotating machine so it can be placed in areas that are difficult to access. SWT offers excavator plate compactors that are easy to install and increase the efficiency of your site.



The Excavator compactor is not a very complex machine that requires maintenance now and then. But every machine requires maintenance whether it is small or large. As the flat base or the plate does most of the work and that too daily so it is important that you wash that part daily. It is also advised that you do not use a lot of water to lose the otherwise watertight parts. Though you should always keep a check on the oils and maintain the hydraulic fluid levels. Vibration tends to lose some parts out so you need to do some hands-on inspection to check the machine.

It is important to keep the flat plate on a flat surface to check the levels of oil as this will give us the correct measurement. You should keep a check for cracked or missing bolts. Daily examination of hydraulic hoses should be done to prevent leakages. Also to check the oil level the hydraulic plate compactor should be removed from the power. Inspection of rubber isolators should be done on a weekly basis. Also if you wish to replace any part after some time it should be of the same type as the original one only then the hydraulic compactor will give you the desired output.

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Model/Description Unit SHC300 SHC600 SHC800 SHC1000
Impulse force Ton 4 6.5 15 15
Vibration frequency Rpm 200 2000 2000 2000
Oil flow L/min 45-75 85-105 120-170 120-170
Operating pressure Kg/cm² 100-130 100-130 150-200 150-200
Weight Kg 400 750 1000 1100
Bottom measurement (LxWxT)mm 900x550x25 1160x700x28 1350x900x30 1350x900x30
Height mm 760 920 1060 1100
Width mm 550 700 900 900
Suitable excavator Ton 4-9 11-16 17-23 23-30
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