Factory Rock Pulverizer Attachment for Excavator Sale

We design fixed type and rotating type hydraulic pulverizers for different projects choose.
This excavator mounted concrete hydraulic pulverizer has unique layout design of the jaw teeth, with double layers wearing resistance protection , and it is made of HARDOX sheet material for longer working life.

We consistently carry out our spirit of ”Innovation bringing development, Highly-quality ensuring subsistence, Management promoting benefit, Credit attracting customers for Loader Thumb BucketExcavator Earth AugerSheet Pile Driver. Our goal is to provide high quality products at competitive prices, and top-notch service to customers around the world. We are constantly committed to providing every customer with high-quality products and technical support to build lasting relationships and improve customer satisfaction, which is the basic goal of our company.


The hydraulic concrete pulverizer we manufactured are suited on various capacity excavators. It is widely used for old building or concretes demolition jobs. This concrete pulverizer can crush the concrete and cement easily, and get the concrete steel reinforcing bars sorted out quickly. It can recycle the construction concrete or cement material and use immediatly friendly to environment.

Check excavator mounted hydraulic type concrete pulverizer working video on Youtube

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SWT Hydraulic Pulverizer Features:

(1).We design fixed type and rotating type hydraulic concrete pulverizers for different projects choose.

(2).SWT hydraulic pulverizer has unique layout design of the jaw teeth, with double layers wearing resistance protection.

(3)It is made of HARDOX sheet material for longer working life.

(4)The SWT excavator pulverizer structure is optimized through loading design to balance the opening size and crushing force.

(5)Simple strucutre with less components to make sure with less failure issues.

Concrete Pulverizer

SWT Attachments fixed type hydraulic concrete pulverizer specifications:

Model Unit SHP04 SHP06 SHP08 SHP10
Dead Weight Kg 660 1350 1750 2750
Max Opening MM 577 730 900 1015
Length MM 1720 2000 2150 2374
Width MM 658 660 706 860
Max Crushing Force Ton 83 105 165 225
Max Shear Force Ton 126 165 210 305
Blade Length MM 120 150 180 200
Driving Oil Pressure Kg/Cm² 230 300 320 380
Suitable Excavator Ton 6-12 12-18 18-26 26-30

Pulverizer Manufacturer

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Demolition pulverizer

How to choose the right hydraulic concrete pulverizer for your excavators.

(1) Check your excavator model and the working weight according to the excavator manufacturer spec

(2) After figure out your excavator working weight, you can check SWT pulverizer model specification written with suitable excavator weight

(3) Choose the pulverizer suitable capacity which includes your excavator working weight. That will be the right model for your excavators

(4) Learn the projects material to choose the demolition pulverizer tooth for concrete reinforced bars.

(5) Make sure if you need fixed type or rotating type pulverizer for your projects.

Example: Komatsu PC200-8 excavators pulverizer, working weight is 21000KG. SHP08 pulveriser is for 18-26ton excavators. So it is the right model hydraulic concrete pulverizer for PC200-8 excavators.

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Tips for users to use SWT hydraulic concrete pulverizers.

(1).While maintenance the machine, don’t get the dirty into the hydraulic cylinder

(2).Before input oil, please remove the earth or dirty things around the port.

(3).It should be greased every 10 working hours, generally one time per day before working.

(4).The hydraulic cylinder or the pipeline system should be checked everyweek if any oil leaking or parts wearing.

(5).All the tighting bolts should be checked if it was loosen every week.

How to Maintain The fixed type hydraulic concrete pulverizer?

There is a variety of heavy machinery that are adopted for different construction purposes. These machines will easily handle or cover the work processes of multiple people. They make the entire job a lot easier. A good example of this heavy construction machinery is the fixed type concrete pulverizer.


The cement pulverizer is a powerful equipment that is manufactured for different types of excavators. It’s used to demolish old houses and concrete within a short period. The Pulverizer is a tough piece of equipment that can easily crush concrete and even deal with steel reinforcing bars. It can break down all of the construction concrete material and make it readily available for use once more.


there are several advantages to using the concrete pulverizer in construction. But how do you maintain this type of machinery? Take a look at the contents of this article for more information.


Before we begin the maintenance tips, We can check and learn some tips from fixed hydraulic concrete pulverizer manufacturers SWT attachments in China. it is designed to handle a variety of projects with ease. This concrete pulveriser has a unique layout of jaw teeth design that makes it effective. The jaws are made of double layers of resistance protection and HARDOX sheet material for durability. The Pulveriser manufacturer optimises load design components for maximum crush force and opening size.


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Maintenance Tips For The Fixed Hydraulic Concrete Pulveriser

To maintain the complex working components of this heavy machinery, take note of the following tips:

1. Maintain Operational Records

The most useful tip that will ensure that you perform routine maintenance on the excavator pulveriser would be to keep operational records. These records should also include servicing checklists. By closely noting the operational use of the machine, outlining the protocols involved in servicing all major components, and recording inspections and repairs, it’s possible to preserve the useful working life of this machine. If there are personnel changes, the new workers should immediately be informed of the maintenance procedures and which of the components to maintain regularly.


2. Clean the machine regularly

Following the hydraulic pulverizer manufacturer or supplier for concrete ,a major step to preserve the working life of the pulveriser and keep it in good working condition is to clean it regularly. During field operations, heavy machinery faces tough weather and environmental conditions such as heavy rain, dust storms, and other forces of nature. They will all batter the machinery and cause dust and dirt to cling to its working components. Soot, dust and dirt can easily clog seals, filters, vents and cooling fans which will affect performance after some time.


A frequent cleaning routine is a way to regularly keep track of the working conditions of different items. Also, regular cleaning will improve the appearance of rock pulveriser. However, it’s a pity that many people fail to pay attention to this type of maintenance.


The easiest way to clean certain parts of the concrete pulverizer is to use a hose that will forcefully remove any traces of dirt. However, you may need to apply different cleaning techniques for a few parts such as brass bearings. It’s also possible to come across tough contaminants such as grease or grime.


To tackle this, you should adopt special cleaning methods such as steam cleaning, acid washing, power or pressure washing, etc.

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3. Regular Lubrication of moving parts and other components

In a similar fashion to automobile engines, engines, motors and moving parts of heavy machinery benefit from periodic lubrication. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s guidelines on how to lubricate the hydraulic cement pulverizer. Regular lubrication will reduce friction, wear and tear, and even overheating. All of this will preserve the life of the machine and ensure that you can use it for more concrete demolition work.


Lubricants will also help to keep the interior clean by preventing soot buildup. Ensure to check the lubricant level regularly and refill it. Check for excessive grease buildup and oil seal leaks. Only use a lubricant recommended by the manufacturer or operator’s manual. Ensure that you use only the right amount of lubricant during each maintenance check. Excessive lubrication can lead to performance issues as a result of grease buildup.

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4. Inspect for wear and tear

 Several factors can lead to wear and tear of the machinery after some time. Despite all of your precautions, the parts of the machine will age and the rock pulverizer will begin to lose critical components. For instance, belts will wear out and snap, seals will get broken or cracked and bolts may bend or distort from their original shape. That’s why you have to regularly inspect all parts of the machinery for wear and tear. Regular inspections will let you know when to change any of the ageing components.


Asides mechanical inspection, you also need to check electronics or hydraulic hoses too. High temperatures and vibrations from using the rock pulveriser can damage the electrical components and circuits despite being covered. If any wearing parts need to be changed, you should contact the pulverizer manufacturer in China to get the new parts asap.


5. Avoid exceeding performance thresholds and machinery limitations

Yes, we know that the excavator mounted concrete pulverizer is a tough piece of machinery but it still comes with performance limitations such as range of operating temperature and pressure, maximum crushability and so on. Read through the operator’s manual to learn about all of these limits and get familiar with them.

Exceeding machine limitations will increase the level of wear and tear and reduce the working life. It can also result in machine inefficiency and dangerous accidents. Workplace accidents should be avoided by all means because they are costly to handle.


6. Train employees on maintenance

Lack of operator training is the biggest potential problem for your hydraulic pulverizer. Training employees is the best way to ensure the machinery is handled well and operated within acceptable limits. Also, local, state and federal laws require that you hire only certified and trained employee to handle heavy machines. Make sure all your employees know how the machine runs and how to take care of it.You can also send your employees to hydraulic pulverizer factory to train, that is the best way to lean your equipment structure.


Heavy machines such as the pulverizer attachments for excavator are huge financial investments and require detailed operator training. Due to this, you have to ensure that they are always in a good working condition for a lengthy lifespan. Hopefully, these tips will give your pulveriser a long working life. Start adopting them today to see impressive results.

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1.I want to buy your cement pulverizer attachments, but how to begin?

It is easy. You can contact our online servicer or send email, tell us your excavator model, and which type attachments you want, then we will contact you positive.

2.I am a personal without company for importing, how can i get your attachments?

You can contact us for local dealer information, then you can get them from our dealer directly. If we have no dealer there, we can arrange door to door shipping to your port or your warehouse directly.

3.What is your excavator pulverizer attachments quality warranty?

We offer 14 months warranty for most of our excavator attachments,but excluded the wearing parts.

4.How long it will take after we place the order to you?

It often take 10-20 working days after your payment for normal excavator attachments.

5.Is it easy for installation if i am just a simple mechnic?

Yes, it is easy to install the excavator pulverizer attachments to your excavators by connecting the pin and oil hoses.We also help you online with instructions.

We’ve one of the most innovative manufacturing devices, experienced and qualified engineers and workers, recognized good quality handle systems and also a friendly experienced income team pre/after-sales support for Factory Rock Pulverizer Attachment for Excavator Sale. Our company insists on benefiting users, customers, and careers, thus achieving a win-win situation. Our company enjoys a good reputation in the whole industry and is called the most potential black horse in the industry and we will strive for this.

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SWT brand fixed type concrete pulverizer specifications:

Model Unit SHP04 SHP06 SHP08 SHP10
Dead Weight Kg 660 1350 1750 2750
Max Opening MM 577 730 900 1015
Length MM 1720 2000 2150 2374
Width MM 658 660 706 860
Max Crushing Force Ton 83 105 165 225
Max Shear Force Ton 126 165 210 305
Blade Length MM 120 150 180 200
Driving Oil Pressure Kg/Cm² 230 300 320 380
Suitable Excavator Ton 6-12 12-18 18-26 26-30

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