Excavator Trapezoidal Bucket

Trapezoidal bucket-is a ideal excavator bucket tool for trenching and landscaping jobs, widly used for water conservance, road construction, agticulture, as well as pipling ditching etc. It also can work on digging or irrigation channel, ditch, drainage, canal and water way.

Excavator Trapezoidal Bucket

Trapezoidal bucket-is a ideal excavator bucket tool for trenching and landscaping jobs, widly used for water conservance, road construction, agticulture, as well as pipling ditching etc. It also can work on digging or irrigation channel, ditch, drainage, canal and water way.

The trapezoidal bucket we designed with different side angle for customer choose. It can fit different capacity excavators from mini to heavy duty.

The buckets material we choose good quality steel material from top reputation steel factory.

It has general duty and heavy duty trapezoidal buckets for customer choose.

We also accept OEM service and customized request to customers all over the world.

Trapezoidal Bucket: Uses, Featured, and How to get one.

Also called a V-Bucket, a Trapezoidal bucket is an excavator attachment that’s shaped like a trapezoid. It can be used for digging ditches, irrigation channels, canals, and a lot more. Because of its unique features and versatility, the excavator attachment is popular amongst landscapers, farmers, and construction engineers. Read further to learn more about their features, how they work, and their application.

Features of a Trapezoidal Bucket

· Robust Shape: Made with high strength steel, the trapezoidal bucket is formidably built to endure extreme conditions. It scores high marks for durability.

· Side blades: V buckets are equipped with side blades that make penetrating the ground even easier. The blades cut through the ground like hot knife through butter to ensure you can dig holes a lot quicker.

· Teeth. The bucket can be armed with teeth in case you need to cut through compact and abrasive grounds. This feature is optional. Most buckets usually do not come with teeth, but you can request one from the manufacturer.

· Rounded Bottom:  The bucket’s rounded bottom allows for better trenching. It is also useful for evacuating dirt from canals and ditches. It’s called a bucket because it can carry loads thanks to its rounded bottom.

How a Trapezoidal Bucket Works

As earlier stated, a V bucket is just an excavator attachment. Before it can be put to work, you must first attach it to a suitable excavator. The grapple is built with varying degrees of a side angle. Depending on the size of the bucket, it can fit into a mini-excavator or a heavy-duty excavator.

The size of your V bucket should be determined by the type of project you’re working on. Once the bucket is installed on your excavator, you can proceed to work with it. Its side blade makes it quite easy to make deep cuts into the soil. You only have to keep going to cut through the desired length.

As you make precise cuts, dirt or soil particles accumulate at the round bottom. This can be easily discarded while the digging continues. Because of its unique shape, a trapezoidal bucket maintains the same pattern of cut throughout the desired length.

Why do you Need a Trapezoidal Bucket?

If you’ve ever dug a ditch with a shovel, you’ll know just how labor-intensive it can be to cut through the soil. It is time-consuming, energy-consuming, and you’re going to struggle to maintain the same shape throughout the desired length. This is clearly a job for a trapezoidal bucket and not a shovel.

Also, V buckets are multifunctional. You can use them for different types of jobs making them a valuable asset on a construction site or a farm. If you want to dig trenches a lot faster and without much stress, a trapezoidal bucket is a no brainer.

Trapezoidal Bucket Application

You can use a trapezoidal bucket excavator for the following jobs:

· Digging Ditches: Ditches are mainly dug to remove unwanted floodwater from a particular area. It can also be dug to lay down underground pipes. Whatever your reason for wanting a ditch, you can save yourself stress and time by using a trapezoidal bucket.

· Cleaning Canals: Canals are threatened by industrial waste, sewage, marine dumping, oil pollution, underground storage leak, and marine dumping. It’s therefore, necessary to clean them up once in a while to get rid of the dirts and protect marine life.

A trapezoidal bucket is a perfect tool for this job. It can easily cut into the ground and clean up dirts and other kinds of waste from the canal. Its side blade also perfect for finishing the banks of a canal.

· Other Uses: This bucket can also be used for digging irrigation channels, water conservancy. It is also good for digging or cleaning up a drainage system.

What to Consider Before Buying a Trapezoidal Bucket

Before ordering for your trapezoidal bucket, you may want to double-check on the following points:

· Nature of Project: If you’re buying an excavator trapezoidal bucket to dig or maintain a ditch on your farm, or any other medium-level project, a general sized bucket would be just fine. But for other high level construction projects, a heavy duty bucket is the better choice. Also, the size of the bucket would determine the size of the excavator it should be attached to.

Sanha Machinery Tech produces custom made trapezoidal buckets that can fit into mini-sized excavators or heavy duty excavators. Also, the nature of the project would determine whether you’ll need the manufacturer to attach teeth. If you’re working on a compact ground that’s extra difficult to penetrate, your excavator trapezoidal bucket would require teeth to help it cut through the ground more easily.

· All Trapezoidal Buckets Aren’t Shaped Alike: Unlike some attachments, trapezoidal buckets aren’t shaped alike. The side angles can differ. They are usually between 35° to 66°. The difference in side angles makes each bucket just about perfect for a specific type of project. This of course doesn’t mean it’s not versatile. It just means that the different specifications makes it a lot more suited to certain jobs than others.

Most manufacturers including Sanha Machinery Tech would allow customers to request their desired side angles. But if you’re not experienced with V buckets, you can ask your manufacturer to advise you on the best bucket model for your project.

· Trusted Manufacturer: Some suppliers aren’t exactly experienced with the products they sell. Without the professional advice from skilled engineers, you might end up buying a trapezoidal bucket that’s meant for another type of project. Of course, you can still work with it, but it won’t be the perfect tool. If you’re a perfectionist, you might want to call experienced manufacturers like Sanha Machinery Tech for your quality trapezoidal bucket.

Final Thoughts

V buckets are essential for projects that requires digging. Sanha Machinery Tech’s V-buckets are made with high strength steel. You can have it painted with any color you want before it’s delivered. You can also request for teeth to help break down strong and compact soil.

Excavator Trapezoidal Bucket For Kobelco Excavators

Excavator Brand Model Pin Size Link Width Pins Distance
KOOBELCO SK55 45 150
SK60 50 180 290
SK60 45 165
SK60-8 45 160
SK75 50 180
SK75-8 50 191
SK100 60 220 370
SK120 65 218 375
SK120 65 250
SK130/140 65 250 375
SK200-6E/8E 80 330
SK200-3 80 320 430
SK200-5 80 320
SK200-6 80 330
SK210/-6E/-8 80 330 430
SK220-6 80 326 490
SK220-3 90 320 500
SK230 90 325
SK230-6E 90 330 500
SK230-6 90 330 500
SK250 90 325 495
SK250-6E 90 320
SK260 90 326 495
SK260-6 80 325
SK260-8 90 330
SK270-8 90 330
SK300 90 380 525
SK330 90 380 510
SK350/-8 90 380 515
SK380-8 90 380
SK360 90 380
SK460 100 450 630
SK480-8 100 450
If we please order to you, how long it will take you can ship out?

It often take 10-20 working days for the producing , and abour 20-30 days for ocean shipping according to your location.

Can we customized color for the buckets?

Yes, you can choose the color according to your excavators, such as CAT, Komatsu, Hitachi, Volvo, Kobelco…

Can we do payment with credit card?

Yes, we accept credit card payment, but customer need to afford the extra service rate of the bank.

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