Excavator Thumb Bucket

Excavator thumb bucket can make you excavator more valueable. It is used on work sites where materials are prone to falling off. It is especially practical and secure for high lift-up loading material request.

excavator thumb bucket
Excavator Brand Model Pin Size Pin Width Pin Distance
Komatsu PC40 45 165 235
PC50 45 170  
PC55MR-2 45 170  
PC55 50 200  
PC56 45 170 230
PC60/-5/-7 50 200 313
PC70-8 50 200  
PC75 50 200  
PC78 50 230  
PC90-1 50 200 315
PC100 60 265  
PC100-5 60 260  
PC110-7 60 260  
PC120 60 260 380
PC120-5/6 60 260 375
PC130 60 280  
PC150 70 310  
PC160 70 313  
PC220 80 326 460
PC200-1 80 315  
PC200-2/-3 80 320  
PC200-5 80 325  
PC200-6/7 80 326 460
PC200-8 80 326 450
PC210LC-7 80 325  
PC220-5/6/7 80 326 460
PC240 80 325 445
PC300 90 345 510
PC300-7 90 350  
PC300 80 400/340  
PC310/-5 90 345 510
PC330 90 345  
PC350-6 90 350  
PC360 90 350 510
PC360-7 90 345  
PC360-8 90 340/320  
PC400LC 100 355  
PC400LC-6E 100 355/375 540

Product Applications:

Excavator thumb bucket can make you excavator more valueable. It is used on work sites where materials are prone to falling off. It is especially practical and secure for high lift-up loading material request. It goes from digging to complete materail handling. It is like a human thumb functions with hand help grasp, clamp, secure, pick up and place materials. Ang then materials could be branches,logs,rocks, bricks and various waste and debris.

SWT excavator thumb can fit on the bucket grabs materials and prevents them from falling off

We have developed mechanic thumb or hydraulic thumb for customer choose that can be ordered separately.The thumb we made is with big power gripping ability.


As time has passed we have always witnessed a revolutionary change in how machines work for humans. Machines have been a great support to humans to help them in their day to day tasks and have made their life much easier than before. With time humans can rely on these machines to get their tasks done on or before time and that too in the right manner. One such useful machine is the excavator thumb bucket. When it comes to buying the best and the top quality excavator thumb bucket, then you can easily choose SWT, a bucket thumb manufacturer in China.


If technology is used in the right way it creates wonders for the common people by making their life a lot easier and simpler. A bucket thumb adds more versatility to your machine and makes it do more of the work. It can handle a variety of different tasks such as handling high-grade material, clearing of land, and in the field of the construction industry. If used in the right way humans don’t have to ever use their hands again to excavate any area, the bucket thumb will do that for them. Also, it is noticed that these thumb buckets are a one-time investment and can do a variety of tasks altogether.  SWT is the leading excavator thumb bucket manufacturer from China.


· Digging holes.

· Handling different kinds of materials.

· Construction work.

· Mining.

· Drilling into the ground.

· Forestation work.

· Snow removal.

· Landscaping.


You have to choose the right excavator thumb bucket is to perform the task that you want. You first need to make a list of tasks that you want your thumb bucket to perform. There are different types of thumb buckets for different types of tasks and each thumb bucket has different limitations and benefits. If you make the right choice the end result will be beneficial to you as in terms of increased productivity. On the other hand, if you choose the wrong equipment your business will suffer a lot. So choose wisely as they are a one-time investment.

The thumb bucket will be subject to many harsh weather conditions and their work area will also be very tyrannical. This includes site preparation, demolition, land clearing, picking up huge stones and rocks, working in an area filled with mud and dust, concrete slabs, chunks,  and recycling work.  It is also advised that you purchase all the machinery from the same place so that there are no errors in the whole working process.


Measuring what size of thumb bucket your machine needs takes only five minutes. It would give you the exact size of the bucket thumb that your machine can handle and will give you the maximum output. You should always keep in mind what style of bucket thumb you are looking for. As the measurement of each style is different. Choose the style once that’ll help you perform different tasks according to your requirement. It is always advised to take some out and measure the exact measurements of your bucket thumb as a wrong attachment will hinder the output and will badly impact your work output. SWT, an Excavator Thumb bucket supplier from China can make this task easier for you.


SWT is an excavator thumb kit supplier from China and produces the prime quality of mechanical thumb and hydraulic thumb as per the client’s requirements.


They do not have any kind of special pins and are just ascended with a weld on a bracket. They are used occasionally and are also very economical to buy. Mechanical thumbs are fixed in one position and just the bucket moves. It is also noticed that mechanical thumbs have just three positions that they use.


If you are using a thumb daily then you should definitely go for hydraulic thumbs. Hydraulic thumbs add more efficiency and flexibility to your work and you’ll see guaranteed results in the output that you receive. As compared to mechanical thumbs a hydraulic thumb offers more range of motion. They are a bit expensive but are lightweight too.


Excavators are very powerful machines and they increase the productivity of your work. Bucket thumbs help us to complete many different tasks altogether and with minimal human interference.  The main reason that construction companies go for bucket thumbs is that they add flexibility and productivity to the excavator machine. Though choosing the type of bucket thumb is entirely the customer’s choice according to the work profile. Thumb buckets are great because they provide extra grip, secure materials, and help them to move. If you are looking for a thumb bucket manufacturer in China then you should visit SWT. You just make up your mind regarding what design you want and the weight of the thumb and leave the rest to us.

SWT attachments is the chief Excavator Thumb bucket Supplier from China.

Do you have any questions about the excavator thumb bucket?  Don’t hesitate to call us. Our team of professionals is there to clear all your doubts.

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