Excavator Sugarcane Grapple

Excavator Sugarcane Grapple

This excavator mounted hydraulic sugarcane grapple can be customized to handle the jobs in sugarcrane fields, rangelands,farm,as well as other working conditions.


This excavator mounted hydraulic sugarcane grapple can be customized to handle the jobs in sugarcrane fields, rangelands,farm,as well as other working conditions.

SWT sugarcrane grapple is designed using quality steel materail ,stonber but with lighter weight.

And it use imported high quality wear-resistance steel for durable quality and longer working life.

The hydraulic rotary motor is advanced for flexible operations and higher working efficiency.

The sugarcane grapple has widened body for more working capacity.

Excavator Sugarcane Grapple Functions

Sugarcane is regarded as the world’s largest produced crop with approximately 179.66 billion tonnes produced in 2019. To keep up such a high number of production, sophisticated farm machinery are extremely necessary. One such machinery is an excavator grapple for sugarcane.

These are excavator attachments that are customized to grab, arrange, load, and unload a large quantity of sugarcane. However, there’s more to a cane grapple than just loading sugarcane. Read on to find out all the functions of a sugarcane grapple.

Functions of an Excavator Sugarcane Grapple

Here’s what a sugarcane grapple can do:

· Load and offload Sugarcane

Sugarcane grapples are mainly used for loading and offloading sugarcanes. When canes are harvested, the arms are stripped off of undergrowth and leaves. The stalks are usually cut into smaller pieces and loaded in a truck using an excavator sugarcane grapple. The grapple is also needed when the piles of canes are unloaded in a sugar mill. Excavator grapples are perfect for this job because they can easily grip, load, and unload canes in large quantities.

· Grab Wood

A sugarcane grapple can also grab wood logs. The grapple’s opening jaws are capable of lifting wood logs within its load capacity. However, the grapple’s loading capacity depends on the size of the wood. The smaller the wood, the higher the quantity a sugarcane grapple can carry at a time.

· Lift Bamboo

You can also lift bamboo with an excavator sugarcane grapple. When bamboo poles or canes are harvested, they are loaded into trucks using a sugarcane grapple before they are transferred to where they’re needed. Sugarcane grapples work perfectly for lifting logs of bamboo because the poles are shaped liked sugarcanes. This means it’s quite easy for the grapple’s opening jaw to grab and lift a large number of bamboo poles at once.

· Grab Pile and Poles

By now, you would have gotten the idea. Any material that’s long and shaped like canes can be lifted by an excavator sugarcane grapple. This means that a cane grapple is just as useful on a farm as it is on a project site. You can lift different sizes of pipes and pipes whether you’re loading, unloading, or just moving them from one place to another.

· Grab Stones

While an excavator grapple for sugarcane is mainly for carrying logs, it can also lift certain sizes of stones in construction sites. Its jaw is wide enough to accommodate stones of considerable sizes while it’s got a strong grip to hold them in place. However, you’ll only be able to lift one stone at a time.

What to Look Out for Before Buying an Excavator Sugarcane Grapple

There are several sugarcane grapple attachments on the market and as is the case with most manufacturers, everyone claims to make the best products. Without proper research, there’s no way to know which excavator sugarcane grapple manufacturer makes the best products. To help you make the right choice, here are what to look out for before buying a sugarcane grapple in China.

· Compatibility

When buying a sugarcane grapple attachment, the first thing that’s worthy of note is the attachment’s compatibility with your excavator. Some attachments don’t fit well with certain excavator models. This could disrupt your workflow and slow down productivity. To avoid this, ensure you’re buying a sugarcane grapple that fits with your excavator model. If you can’t tell, ask your excavator grapple for sugarcane supplier to confirm compatibility.

· Product Features

Unless you’re an engineer, there’s almost no way to know how the product features can affect the performance of your grapple attachment. But there are a few things to look out for that confirms you’re buying a standard sugarcane grapple attachment.

Ensure your preferred grapple attachment is lightweight and has a wide opening jaw. The lightweight promotes operating efficiency while the width of the jaw allows it to grab hold of large quantities of material easily.

· Supplier

When buying a sugarcane grapple for excavators in China, one of the most important things to look out for is the track record of the manufacturer or supplier. While most sugarcane grapple suppliers are fairly new to the industry, the truth remains that quality products garner a good reputation real fast. The same goes for how a substandard product gets a bad reputation.

So, you should endeavor to ask questions. Ask friends, family members, or people in the same line of business about specific products and their quality. Also, many companies who manufacture sugarcane grapple for excavators now have websites and social media pages where you can always check for customer reviews and feedback.

· Presale and Aftersale Services

The best excavator sugarcane grapple manufacturers in China provide pre-sale and after-sale services to their customers. They should be able to give detailed information on all products and provide useful suggestions to ensure customers choose the best product for their project.

They should also provide after-sale services that include installation, inspection, and recommendation. Since users aren’t quite experienced with handling excavator grapples, an aftersale service is crucial. Some of the best companies provide adequate after-sale training on how to handle and use their products.

Final Thoughts

Buying an Excavator grapple for sugarcane is one of the best decisions a sugarcane farmer can make. It makes handling, arranging, loading, and unloading sugarcanes a lot easier and much quicker. As has been discussed above, you can use this excavator attachment to handle other materials as well. Its versatility opens so many possibilities that could allow you to use it in different places other than a farm.

However, choosing the best product should remain a priority. Ideally, you would want an excavator attachment that’s durable, efficient, and sturdy. If you’re not sure how to get trusted quality, visit Sanha machinery tech  to buy high-grade sugarcane grapple from anywhere across the world. Sanha machinery provides order, pre-sale, and after-sale services. Customers will also be provided with excavator sugarcane grapple working videos to show them how cane grapples work on excavators.

With highly trained engineers and skilled workers working round the clock to create more efficient and user-friendly excavator attachments, Sanha Machinery Tech is fast becoming the most trusted excavator attachment manufacturer in China.

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