Excavator Spare Parts Hydraullic Quick Coupler with Cheap Price

SWT wheel loader quick coupler has two cylinders. We choose high strength steel with lighter weight. It can quick changeover of different tools or attachments, saving your time and human cost.

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Same as excavator quick coupler, the wheel loader quick coupler is working on the job Site of demand for different tools or attachments, quick changeovers for high effiency,saving time and cost.


SWT wheel loader quick coupler has two cylinders. We choose high strength steel with lighter weight. It can quick changeover of different tools or attachments, saving your time and human cost.

Loader Quick Coupler – A need for a quick installation


The loader quick coupler is a device that allows the swift change of a variety of construction machines.  This facilitates the attachment of other work machines or components ranging from tools to buckets. It is a common sight on both hydraulic and compact excavators. It can also be found attached to backhoe equipment of backhoe loaders, and also on telescopic handlers, loading shovels, and the loader equipment of backhoe-loaders. on other occasions, they can be found installed or attached to agricultural tractors.

Quick couplers do not necessarily perform any specific work of their own. But they do in fact become part of the entire system once they have been properly fastened in place. When mounted on machines by mode of pins, they become the mode of mountings for other machine components.


Wheel loader quick coupler have been made to suit the need of high end industrial and heavy-duty machines. They are formed and optimised to handle high-performance steel.


The major types of quick couplers include ;

The pin grabbers or the pin couplers. and the added advantage is their form of flexibility.

And then there is the dedicated coupler. This is mainly used for bucket attachments with their major advantage being their unique design, ability to come in small sizes and their better form of performance.


Some of the uses of quick couplers include;

Packaging: sometimes, a swift change in line is necessary to keep the pace at a production facility. As some of these facilities may stay open and keep the production going for up to 24 hours all 7 days a week.

Manufacturing: to keep an entire production process running, there is a need for a swift change of some production lines that carry production materials. Some of which are connected to special or specific machinery.

Transportation: Different types of machines, both big and small all require quick couplers. A swift change is always the easiest way to go when machinery is involved be it on land, in the air or in the water. Quick couplers allow for the attachment and release of transport components some of which are heavy trucks, trains and even aeroplanes.

Service and repairs: The loader quick couplers have been known to be used in various service shops and workplaces as they have the ability to increase the service work speed. This is due to several hydraulic-powered machines being connected or coupled to these couplers for easy conveyance and swift change between a wide range of other machines or components and this, in turn, increases the work speed of the service.

Testing: Many testing machines and devices need to be installed on loader quick couplers as they require swift change during use to ensure maximum productivity at the point of testing.


Their mode or form of operation has affected their unique difference in design. And they can be categorised under the automatic, semi-automatic and the manual couplers.



This coupler operates and maintains attachment through the use of the hydraulic system of the machine. This system has an inbuilt safety which stops the bucket from releasing in the event of a failure due to the hydraulic system.



There appears to be a fusion of both the manual and automatic method of operation in this system. It uses the hydraulic mode of operation and the attachment mechanism of the manual operation. Which has a safety precaution that does not allow the release of the bucket even in the event of a malfunction in the hydraulic system of operation because the manual mode of coupler ensures that the bucket is coupled in place.



There is the need for the use of tools for the release and attachment of the buckets to couplers, in this case, has the operat6ors of the machines would need to leave their operation stations in order to effect a release and a reattachment of the buckets.


Maintenance of system performance:

Because these quick couplers were made for speed, there is minimal time lost during the changing and recoupling of work, machines during use or production. This increases efficiency in the workplace.

Long term use:

There is the added advantage of the couplers to withstand the harsh and hard working conditions and so they have the ability to last longer and be in use for a long period of time.

Protection from liability:

With the quick couplers being able to connect and be disconnected swiftly, there is an added advantage of workplace safety as with the improvement of the designs there is minimal need for the use of physical labour for coupling and release of the buckets or other machines.

Design efficiency:

The improvement of the designs so far has allowed for the increase in efficiency of the quick couplers during use. This in turn has effected an increase in work proficiency as with the quick and easy coupling and release of buckets and machines, there is a proper use of work time.

Minimization of accidents in the workplace:

The improvement of the design of the quick couplers has greatly reduced the risk of accident occurrence in the workplace as the new safety measures have almost eliminated the risk of accidental release which is a great cause of workplace accidents and fatalities.

Safety issues

There have been cases of fatalities with the use of quick couplers. Incidents have occurred due to the accidental release of buckets or other attached machines during use. Bystanders have been reported injured on some of such occasions. The views of safety authorities in different locations may be different as the cause of such accidents may happen to be different and so, therefore, there is a difference in weighing of options on how to reduce the risk. And it has been noted that there may have to be a mechanical failure of some sort for accidents like this to happen because even without safety pins being attached, there still wouldn’t be a release of the bucket or attached component.


1.I am personal without company for importing, how can i get your bucket?

Please leave us your location ,then we can arrange door to door shipping service to your port or your warehouse directly with DDP payment.

2.How is your delivery?

For buckets or attachments which is heavy weight . We recommend customer using ocean shipping by container with lower shipping cost.

3.Can we do payment with credit card?

Yes, we accept credit card payment, but customer need to afford the extra service rate of the bank.

4 .If we please order to you, how long it will take you can ship out?

It often take 10-20 working days for the producing , and abour 20-30 days for ocean shipping according to your location.

Our company’s Excavator Spare Parts Hydraullic Quick Coupler with Cheap Price are mainly export-oriented, our company in line with the development concept of ‘survival by quality, development by reputation’ and has achieved good economic and social benefits. We take the plan management as the goal, resource integration as the basis, quality improvement as the core, market expansion as the focus, technological innovation as a breakthrough, and strive to achieve gold-medal quality. We cultivate employees’ sense of belonging and ownership of the company, and form a community of destiny between the company and employees, and companies and distributors.

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