Excavator Small Orange Peel Grapple

This orange peel grapple is widely used on demolition jobs, handling of scrap meatal and boulder, water conservancy, and infrastructure construction.

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Product Application:

This orange peel grapple is widely used on demolition jobs, handling of scrap meatal and boulder, water conservancy, and infrastructure construction.

Product Features:

This excavator orange peel grapple adopts Hardox steel materail, adn it is lighter weight with excellent wear resistance.

Among the same prodcuts, it has the largest grabbing force and widest grabbing distance.

This excavator mounted type orange peel grapple has built-in cylinder and higher pressure hoses. The oil circuit is completerly closed , protecting the hose and problonging the service life.

The cylinder is equipped with an anti-fouling ring, which can effectively prevent the tiny impurity in the hydraulic oil from damaging the seals.

How to Select the Best Grapple for Your Excavator?

Grapples are attachments to excavators used for moving, carrying, sorting, demolishing, clearing, scrapping, on sites.

However, there are grapples suited for some operations more than others, but this does not mean that they are limited to certain operations. An example of this is an orange peel grapple for scrap.

On any working site, grapples are one of the most important equipment, hence why it is important to understand how they function and what you should look out for while choosing the right one for your operation.

Requirements for a Grapple

Before buying or choosing a grapple for your site work, you need to first know what the job entails and how the grapple can help you with it.

But the best option is a grapple adept for many operations like Excavator orange peel grapples. This will save you a lot of money while making your job easier.

Grapple Jaws

Grapples have 2 jaws attached to the excavator’s frame. The bottom jaw is always fixated and the upper one functions off the equipment cylinder.

Basic jaw designs do not cost as much as those with complex ones, and they require minimal maintenance too. However, they could be limited in the number of operations they can perform.

The best grapples have jaws that operate concurrently and are powered by connected lines.

Choosing Between a Hydraulic and Mechanical Grapple.

One of the first and most important decisions you have to make is choosing between a mechanical or hydraulic grapple. Both types have their advantages.

Mechanical Grapples

The main driver of a mechanical grapple is the excavator’s bucket. The grapple functions off the bucket. It will open when the bucket opens and vice versa.

Mechanical grapples also have basic designs; their rigid arms are connected to the excavator’s arm which is one of the reasons they are more low maintenance than hydraulic grapples.

Hydraulic Grapples

For Hydraulic grapples, the excavator’s hydraulic system is the main operator. The grapple has a movement of 180 degrees, and it is the perfect option if you are looking for precision on a site job.

Area of Operation

Choosing grapples are also based on the operational area. How big the sparse of land is, is an important criterion for the movement of a grapple.

Choosing Grapples for Sorting and Demolition

The best grapples for site demolition and sorting are usually the most versatile ones that are capable of carrying huge materials. The grapple should also be able to build up debris and carry them.

Choosing the Best Log Grapples

Grapples made for forestry are the best option for log grapples because they will be able to carry the logs no matter how long or big they are.

Log grapples should also be able to carry bundles of timbers.

Choosing the Best Orange Peel Grapples

Orange peel grapples are usually some of the most versatile grapples for site construction.

Make sure the grapple you are choosing for orange peel is perfect for material handling and carrying loose scraps. A 360 degrees’ rotation grapple is the best option.

Choosing the Best Narrow Tine Grapple.

The grapple should have scrawny tines that can easily penetrate scrap, even better than orange peel grapples. The grapple should also be able to lift soft scraps without falling.

Specifications for Grapples

Other Specifications for Selecting a Grapple include:

Weight of the Grapple

The weight of the grapple depends on the weight holding capability of the evacuator.

Orange peel grapples usually weigh around 1700 pounds. Weighty grapples tend to be more rugged and versatile.

Also, you have to consider the weight of a grapple before using it to lift objects.

Load Capacity of the Grapple

This refers to the maximum capacity of load a grapple can lift when its jaws are closed.

Rotation of the Grapple

Another important specification to consider is the rotation of the Grapple. Grapple for orange peel operations should be capable of 360 degrees rotation. Most hydraulic grapple has 180 degrees’ rotation.

Installation of Grapples

Hydraulic grapples like orange peel grapples are very easy to install. The installation process includes the following:

· Get on the excavator.

· Link up the hydraulic lines with the grapple.

· Get the pins in place and lock them in.

Before you begin the operation, confirm that the grapple, hydraulic lines, and all pins are as firm as they should be.

Kits for Your Grapple

To get the best out of your grapple, you need some kits. An example is making use of a rotation powder for orange peel grapples. This will increase the rotation ability, making it easier to move heavy materials.

Grapple kits will make your operations seamless, and also aid the versatility of the grapple to perform more operations.

Removal of Grapples

The process of uninstalling grapples includes:

· Close the grapple completely and put it on a leveled surface.

· For mounting pad pin removal, guide the arm and gently remove the pin, then release the arm gradually till it reaches the ground.

· Remove linkage pins

· Remove pivot pins.

· Gently elevate the excavator and draw the grapple away.

Maintenance and Safety for Grapples

Some safety and maintenance tips for grapples include:

· Check the attachment every day

· Never operate a grapple if the attachment is damaged.

· Never use weak supports for grapples.

· Do not change the settings of an orange peel grapple such as the ones that have to do with mechanical, hydraulic, or physical operations, especially if you are still within the warranty period.

· For damaged grapples, ascribe as “Do Not Operate”

· Be familiar with the controls of an excavator before attaching an orange peel grapple.

· Go through the maintenance and safety manual of the grapple after buying it.

· Never service a grapple while still attached or while the engine is still running.

· Lubricate the attachment as regularly as possible.

· For orange peel grapples, only make use of parts approved by the manufacturer.


You can reach out to an equipment dealer to help you choose the most suitable grapple for your operation, but have it in mind that the best grapple is the one that meets the requirements of the work at hand.


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