Excavator Skeleton Bucket

Excavator skeleton bucket, it is mainly used to remove rocks and debris without the soil. And it is also used in other applications such as sorting rocks with different sizes mainly in agriculture, forestry, water conservancy and earthwork jobs.

Excavator Skeleton Bucket


Excavator skeleton bucket, it is mainly used to remove rocks and debris without the soil. And it is also used in other applications such as sorting rocks with different sizes mainly in agriculture, forestry, water conservancy and earthwork jobs.

SWT skeleton bucket is mainly made of higher strength steels in the body for a longer working life. Customers can also can customzied the engaging tool like teeth, adapters, using CAT, Komatsu type for quick parts delivery saving much cost. And its fetured shape design,eliminates binging with fast moving time and meximum breaking force.

Customer can request the pin and ear dimensions according to their excavators. It can be made to suire any brands and models of excavators and backhoe loaders.

                                                    OVERVIEW OF EXCAVATOR SKELETON BUCKET

Machines such as excavators work well with attachments only. They show their full potential on the work front when they are equipped with the attachment that suits them and makes the workload easier and quick. Excavator skeletons buckets are used widely in the construction industry to remove and sort rocks and other types of agricultural work. Some of the attachments work on machines, and some of them are stationary in their role. It is very important that you choose the right attachment for your work and one such of them is the excavator skeleton bucket. In China, SWT is one of the proficient manufacturers and suppliers of skid steer skeleton buckets and skeleton buckets for mini excavators that are customized according to customer needs.

Things To Be Kept In Mind While Choosing An Excavator Skeleton Bucket

There is a wide variety of skid steer skeleton buckets available in the market. But you need to look at some points before selecting the right one for your business. If you don’t use the right bucket according to your needs it will ultimately lead to less productivity on the work front and wastage of fuel. Moreover, with due course of time, your excavator skeleton bucket will get damaged.

The Quality Of The Bucket

You might have noticed that there is difference between all the types and sizes of buckets available in the market. You need to pick the right bucket according to the needs of your business. The type of bucket that you choose should be durable enough to withstand the harsh working conditions and without less wear and tear. If the teeth of your excavator skeleton bucket are not according to your needs then the performance of the machine will not be up to the mark. Having the right teeth for your job is very important to achieve a good output.

Choosing The Right Size

The right side of your skid steer skeleton bucket depends on many factors that need to be put into consideration before finalizing the one that you want. You need to make up your mind regarding what use you will put the excavator skeleton bucket into. This will help you to choose the right size after considering the area in which this attachment would work. The material used should be of high quality and the density factor should be kept in mind. A product with too much high-density can reduce the performance of the work. So an attachment with the right material and density should be chosen. You can also match the capacity of the truck with the bucket size to get a rough idea about the number of times the bucket will move to fill the truck completely.

Applications Of The Bucket

The bucket should be such that it should complement the work it does. For example, you need to make your mind regarding the use of the bucket, whether you want it for digging purpose or for removing clay, sand, soil, dirt, gravel, loose stones, or you need to pick up some rocks or other dense materials. The buckets that will pick heavier stuff should be much more denser in size than the regular digging buckets so pick the one that suits your purpose and gives you maximum results.

Features Of Excavator Skeleton Bucket

Out of all the attachments that excavators require for doing the work, the bucket is of prime importance mainly in the construction industry. Each bucket is made to do a particular type of work and according to their work profile, they are manufactured.

· It is used to filter and separate debris and rocks.

· This type of bucket mainly helps in digging.

· They are made with high-quality steel.

· They separate smaller rocks from larger rocks.

· Good for quarry work.

· Made with tapered side tapes.

· They help in easy dumping of the soil.

· They can be used in erosion control projects.

· Helps in the digging of finer materials.

· It gives maximum performance in the work field.

Add On Features-

You can easily customize your excavator skeleton bucket according to your requirements by adding on some features in them such as –

One of the easiest ways to customize the bucket is to use different types of teeth. Teeth come in different shapes and sizes, and you can add them according to your requirements if any. You can also change the spacing between the teeth as per your choice, you can either widen the teeth more or tighten them up as you require. You can also change the edges as per your own requirement as you can either look for straight edges or spade edges. Though for the quarry-related work spade edges work better. You can also add some accessories to increase the lifespan of your excavator buckets such as sidebar protectors. If you wish to switch the attachments on your machine every now and then you should definitely have a quick coupler.

Maintenance Of Excavator Skeleton Bucket

Maintaining an attachment is of great importance to increase the efficiency and the output of the machine. To increase the lifespan of an excavator skeleton bucket you should always keep a check on all its functions and processes. To prevent damage a lot of measures have to be taken place before attaching the bucket and after attaching the bucket. A maintenance plan should be made well before the time that has aspects such as operations, cost, and reliability. All the repair and maintenance work on the excavator skeleton bucket must be carried out by a professional person so that no damage is caused to the machine or the bucket. All the safety measures and control should be kept in mind to stop any type of misfortune event from happening.

Buckets can be customized according to customer requirements. They can have different types of teeth and sizes according to the work they’ll be put into. If you have decided to switch to some new attachments to increase the efficiency of your machine you should contact SWT, a leading manufacturer, and supplier of excavator skeleton bucketsskid steer skeleton buckets, or some skeleton buckets for mini excavators for a free quote.

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Excavator buckets for Komatsu excavators

Excavator Brand Model Pin Size Pin Width Pin Distance
Komatsu PC40 45 165 235
PC50 45 170
PC55MR-2 45 170
PC55 50 200
PC56 45 170 230
PC60/-5/-7 50 200 313
PC70-8 50 200
PC75 50 200
PC78 50 230
PC90-1 50 200 315
PC100 60 265
PC100-5 60 260
PC110-7 60 260
PC120 60 260 380
PC120-5/6 60 260 375
PC130 60 280
PC150 70 310
PC160 70 313
PC220 80 326 460
PC200-1 80 315
PC200-2/-3 80 320
PC200-5 80 325
PC200-6/7 80 326 460
PC200-8 80 326 450
PC210LC-7 80 325
PC220-5/6/7 80 326 460
PC240 80 325 445
PC300 90 345 510
PC300-7 90 350
PC300 80 400/340
PC310/-5 90 345 510
PC330 90 345
PC350-6 90 350
PC360 90 350 510
PC360-7 90 345
PC360-8 90 340/320
PC400LC 100 355
PC400LC-6E 100 355/375 540
How long it will take after we place the order to you?

It often take 10-20 working days after your payment for normal excavator attachments.

How is your after sales serivce and parts supplying.

We ourselves are offering quality after sales service and always trying to set wide overseas parts branch for quick parts delivery.

How is the package?

All the buckets or attachments that you buy from us are well packed in wooden box or wooden pallte and fixed by steel belt for save delivery in container.

How is your delivery?

For buckets or attachments which is heavy weight . We recommend customer using ocean shipping by container with lower shipping cost.

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