Excavator Rotary Screening Bucket

Excavator Rotary Screening Bucket

  • SWT brand excavator rotary screeing bucket can finish screening and diging both with one tool
  • The screeing mesh modules with various mesh sizes from 20*20 to 80*80MM
  • It can increase the work efficiency comparing with skeleton bucket
  • The rotary screening bucket also reduces machine operation cost, hard work getting easy

Prodcut Application:

Excavator rotary screening bucket can separate stone from sand, classify soft materials, especially smaller size granule. It is widely applied to agriculture, forestry , civil and irrigation and construction works.

Excavator Rotary Screening Bucket

Prodcut Features:

SWT rotary screeing bucket can finish both screening and diging jobs at once, it can increase the working efficiency easily comparing to excavator skeleton bucket.

The screeing mesh is modular design with various mesh sizes. The mesh hole sizes could be choosed from 20*20 to 80*80MM.

The mesh is made of HARDOX 400/450 steel material for much longer working life.

The screening bucket also reduces the machine operation cost,and make human’s hard work getting easy.

Excavator Rotary Screening Bucket

Product Structure:

SWT screening bucket is a very simple designed with only about 20 components totally. As we know , for machines, the less parts it has , the less failure it will be . So our bucket is very reliable quality.It can use very longer time except wearing parts consuming like the mesh or the pins.

Excavator Rotary Screening Bucket Installation

The rotary bucket is drived by hydraulic rotate motor with the hydraulic power from excavator hydraulic pump. It is easy to connect just by several hoses. Please check following pictures for installation.


Excavator Rotary Screening Bucket Factory Testing  before delivery

Notes for using SWT excavator screening bucket

(1). The Valve A1 & A2 have been adjusted well before factory delivery

(2). The adjuster B1&B2 is adjustable according to different screening materials. The normal rotary speed is around 20-30 RPM. The maximum rotary speed shoud be less than 40RPM.

(3). The in/out hose hydraulic pressure should be tested to suit the motor settled request pressure.

(4). The return relief pressure shouldn’t be higher than 4 Bar.


SWT excavator rotary screening bucket is ideal in places in digging, and screening is done simultaneously. It is an essential attachment for excavators used in works related to Agriculture, Forestry, Irrigation. With the products, there is an assurance of efficiency and productivity.

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Excavator Rotary Screening Bucket Parameters:

Model Carrier Weight(Ton) Width(MM) Diameter(MM) Capacity(CBM) Weight(Kg) Mesh Size(MM) Working Flow(L/Min) Working Pressure(MPA)
SSB02 2.5-3.5 580 500 0.06 205  


10 18
SSB04 4-6 780 700 0.14 385 15 18
SSB05 7-9 900 810 0.3 670 20 18
SSB06 12-16 1200 1120 0.75 1090 50 18
SSB08 18-25 1450 1320 1.1 1930 50 18
SSB09 28-36 1500 1530 1.8 2550 60 18
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