Excavator Rock Saw

SWT brand excavator rock saw has following design features:

  • Fast automatic braking function
  • Two-way operation of the saw blade
  • Safety protection function of the saw blade guarder
  • The guarder can be rotated 360°

Single Blade Excavator Rock Saw Parameters:


Double Blades Excavator Rock Saw Parameters:

SWT brand excavator rock saw application area:

  • Demolition of buildings, cutting reinforced concrete, concrete floors, road construction.
  • Cutting of hard rock and silty rock, crushing operations.
  • Cutting operations of underground cable trenches.
  • Mining operations in quarries, shaping of rock blocks, Edge trimming.
  • Rock tunnel excavation, rock trench excavation.

Our Excavator Rock Saw Features:

  • SWT excavator mounted rock saw has very high power, high efficiency, easy installation.
  • After sawing hard rock, it is good to use a hdyraulic hammer to breaking the rocks in the quarry with lower cost.
  • Flexible application, according to the operating environment, you can replace the rock saw disks of different sizes, and can also be replaced with a tree saw for sawing trees.
  • Simple installation, economic maintenance and maintenance, bring a new construction method to your construction problems and bring great fun and a strong sense of sawing power to the construction in the new era.

Excavator Rock Saw Manufacturer and Structurer

SWT excavator rock saw is made of advanced hydraulic technology and imported high-quality motor, high-quality spring steel, high-quality synthetic diamond, etc. It has won unanimous praise from customers for its excellent safety, reliability and economic performance.

SWT rock saw can be customized according to excavator, loader power and construction requirements.
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