Excavator Rock Boom by SWT Machinery

SWT Excavator Rock Boom, also known as Ripper Boom, Ripper Arm,Excavator Rock Arm,Heavy Rock Boom and the two-section rock boom series.


The demand for robust and dependable mechanical structural elements increases along with the demand for mining and construction equipment. The excavator rock boom is one of these crucial parts of these machines. It is in charge of transferring and removing the dirt, rock, and other materials. For more than 20 years, SWT Machinery has been manufacturing high-quality mechanical structural parts, including optimizing the rock arm structure through knowledge, creativity, and technology.


Understanding the Structure of the Rock Arm
It is critical to understand the rock arm structure before delving into how SWT Machinery optimizes it. The rock arm is the machine component in charge of excavating and transporting soil, rocks, and other materials. The rock arm structure is made up of several parts, including the boom, arm and ripper.

Production Experience
SWT Machinery has over 10 years of experience in manufacturing mechanical structural parts such as rock arm structures. This experience has allowed them to better understand their customers’ needs and develop innovative solutions to meet those needs. They have been able to produce high-quality and reliable rock arm structures that meet industry standards through continuous optimization.

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