Excavator Pile Driver, Sheet Pile Driver

(1)We use big torque hydraulic motor more than 10000N/M on our sheet pile hammer.
(2)Our sheet pile driver is higher effiency comparing to other brand
(3)The sheet pile hammer clips are longer working life with extra hard material
(4)Good orginized hose arrangement avoiding broken

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SWT Excavator Sheet Pile Driver main features and parameters

(1)We use big torque hydraulic motor more than 10000N/M on our sheet pile hammer.

(2)Our sheet pile driver is higher effiency comparing to other brand

(3)The sheet pile hammer clips are longer working life with extra hard material

(4)Good orginized hose arrangement avoiding broken

SWT brand sheet pile driver models and parameters:

Model/Description Unit SPH08 SPH10 SPH14
Vibration Frequency Rpm 2800 2800 3000
Eccentricity Momet Torque Nm 40 50 65
Exciting Force Ton 38 45 60
Main Machine Weight Kg 2200 2500 2800
Weight Of Auxiliary Arm Kg 800 800 800
Operating Pressure Of Hydraulic System Bar 280 280 300
Flow Demand Of Hydraulic System Lpm 160 180 210
Longest Piling Length M 9 13 16
Applicable For Excavator Ton 18-25 26-35 36-50

Product Structurer:

sheet pile dirver factory

sheet pile driver structurer


SWT brand Sheet pile driver standard package itmes:

*The vice arm will be together

(1). Two handles (Left and Right)

(2). Pilot solenoid valve

(3). Foot pedal

(4). Control wiring harness

Sheet Pile Driver Parts

Different type clamps for different piles

Successful Case

sheet pile driver in China

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Sheet Pile Driver Factory View

sheet pile driver factorysheet pile driver manufacturer

Sheet pile driver

Sheet piling is effective for creating both permanent and temporary walls within the construction industry. The primary function of sheet piling is its use in supporting during the excavation and soil retention. Thus, there is a border where the soil stays back and doesn’t come in contact with the structure. Another important aspect of sheet piled is they interlock each other and installed in sequence with the drafted excavation perimeter.

When they are aligned together, they create a wall where to support both the permanent and temporary earth support along with the anchors for offering additional lateral support. The design of the permanent sheet piles is such that they are highly durable. When the earth is too hard or dense, then it is better to use the impact hammer. Considering the present condition of the location, you have to push the sheet piles right into the ground with the use of hydraulics. They are constructed with recycled steel and this is why they are useful for a lot more reasons. Thus, they are a sustainable option.

What are the factors of SWT as an excavator sheet pile driver manufacturer?

● First of all, SWT uses a big torque hydraulic motor of more than 10000N/M on the sheet pile hammer.

● The hydraulic sheet pile driver manufactured by SWT is more effective than the excavator sheet pile drivers of any other brands.

● The sheet pile hammer clips have a longer life with extra hard material.

● Also, the sheet pile hammers offer a well-organized hose arrangement so that it doesn’t break.

How does an excavator sheet pile driver work?

For majority of the situations steel is used for piling sheets. Sometimes wood and vinyl sheets can be used. The idea is to create slick interlocking sheets to connect and drive into the ground for creating a wall. The strength and durability are customized according to the shape and also the material used in the sheets. The best option is to use steel especially when it is important to tolerate a lot of pressure and forces.

● When the construction is happening within a confined space, then the temporary walls are used for preventing the cave-ins. This is what offers the workers protection in the area.

● For the home environment, sheet piling is used for the permanent walls because they offer stability and durability for the interior walls, especially within the basement.

● Sheet piling is also useful for preventing floods to the structures that are close to the shoreline.

● For protecting the foundations from water damage also sheet piling is useful.

● Also, for supporting excavations for parking structures, foundations, basements, pump houses, and for constructing cofferdams, bulkheads, and seawalls.

What are the advantages of SWT as a hydraulic sheet pile driver manufacturer?

● The hydraulic sheet pile drivers are light in weight. Thus, they are easy to lift and handle.

● They are recyclable and reusable.

● The pile length and design is easily adaptable

● The joints are designed for withstanding the high-pressure that is needed to drive them into the place

● This needs very little maintenance above and underwater.

What are the factors to consider while choosing the sheet pile drivers for excavator?

In simple terms, there are four basic elements to consider while choosing the right excavator sheet pile drivers. These are as follows:

● The topographical features

● Geological conditions

● Usage of the correct types of sheet section

● Choosing the right driving hammer

Essentially choosing the driving hammer can be determined by the first three points from the list. For instance, the topographical features like the residential dwellings, nearby roads or buried services generates vibrations and noise. The high-frequency vibrators and resonance-free vibrators are used when there is a requirement to reduce and localize the potentially hazardous vibrations. Along with that, ad added precaution, the pile-driving activities are effectively measured by using a vibrator monitor that is supported with audible and visual alarms for minimizing the risk of any unwanted damage claims.

Considering the topographical limitations, the geological aspects like the existing soil type will help in determining the right type of sheet pile driver for excavator for the job. A site investigation might include visual or borehole samples to ascertain whether the impact hammer or a vibratory hammer needs to be used. Broadly speaking, under difficult driving conditions like heavy clays, impact hammers are perfect for better results. In the cases where the ground has varying sub-layers, the use of Pre Auger is useful for increasing the likelihood of a successful pile driver while using a vibratory driver.

The vibratory hammers are much more suitable in the granular and cohesive conditions present in the sand, gravel, and other particulate soils. The pile is then driven using a counterbalance system that generates high-speed vibration. This is what allows the pile to go into the ground as the soil is liquefied by the vibrations. Unlike the impact hammers, the pile is mostly driven under its own weight along with the weight of the vibration hammer. Depending on the model of the vibrator, you can apply additional weight if needed to improve the driving process.

The sheet pile driver for excavator is crafted as a sheet pile attachment to be used during excavations. They come with a high-power factor due to the high operating frequency. Also, they can avail more vertical power support through the excavator to assist the driving. The sheet pile drivers are perfectly suitable for soil conditions like granular soil. They minimize the noise and also minimize the irritating frequencies by lowering the cash and removal time and thus, they save the cost time.

There is a vibratory sheet pile driver for excavator that comes with a varying moment feature which minimizes reduces the level of the noise. There are Vibro hammer drivers that won’t apply more power within the ground. Because the frequency comes with increased absorption capacity, they are eco-friendly devices. They offer minimum sound to the environment. The vibratory hydraulic sheet pile drivers come with variable moment features and also offers no resonance at the beginning and the end as well.


1.Where is your factory and we can visit before place the order?

Yes, We are near Shanghai, and you are welcome any time to check and inspection our factroy and producing.

2.Are you recruiting new distributors?

Yes, we are always recruiting new distributors in different area.You can contact with our oneline service manager for more details.

3.How can I be your distributor?

Please contact our service manager for distributor recuriting and distributor support policy documents.

4.I want to buy your attachments, but how to begin?

It is easy. You can contact our online servicer or send email, tell us your excavator model, and which type attachments you want, then we will contact you positive.

5.How is your after sales serivce and parts supplying.

We ourselves are offering quality after sales service, and we also request our distributors have the same quality serivce idea to our users. We also set some overseas parts branch for quick parts delivery.

We thinks what prospects think, the urgency of urgency to act from the interests of a client position of theory, allowing for greater high-quality, reduced processing costs, rates are much more reasonable, won the new and previous consumers the support and affirmation for Excavator Pile Driver, Sheet Pile Driver. In terms of customer service, we are adhering to the service concept of serving customers wholeheartedly to create a comprehensive, interactive and one-stop service experience and continue to expand new areas of customer value added. We are the most ideal and solid production base of our distinguished colleagues. Our company is your on demand production workshop and good faith partner.

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The most advanced sheet pile driver from China:

Real 360 degree rotating

Itmes Specification
For Steel Sheet Pile For Concrete Pile
Excavator(Ton) 20-25 27-32 33-40 40-48 50-70 20-30 33-40
Models VS250 VS330 VS400 VS450 VS500 VS280 VS380
Max Frequency(rpm) 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 2800 2800
Eccentric Force(Ton) 46.2 56.5 61.8 69.5 77.0 44.7 57.2
Swivel Torque(Nm) 9200 11000 9200
Swivel Speed(rpm) 12
Max Working Pressure(Bar) 315
Oil Flow(LPM) 189 240 270 324 324 189 270
Driver Weight(Ton) 1.7 1.8 2.15 2.2 2.3 1.73 2.05
Clamp C17,C30B C19,C35E C17,C30B C19,C35E
Weight C17:520KG,C19:550KG,C30B:455KGC35E:530KG
Gooseneck Arm A200C(K),A250C,A300C
Gooseneck Arm Weight(Kg) A200C:750KG,A200CK:755KG,A250C:850KG,A300C:950KG
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