Excavator Mud Bucket

Excavator mud bucket is used for bulk materials loading to trucks. It is designed according to your excavator’s maximum safe working load capacity. It can help you move more earth or other materials at one time and make you finish the job faster.

Excavator Mud Bucket

Product Features Application:

Excavator mud bucket is used for bulk materials loading to trucks. It is designed according to your excavator’s maximum safe working load capacity. It can help you move more earth or other materials at one time and make you finish the job faster.

SWT mud bucket is manufactured with bolt-on the edge to make sure the bucket lip is still stright and protect it from wearing for longer working life. You just need to change the edge by loose the bolts, saving cost for you.

The mub bucket body is also made of high strength steel which can stand in some very hard working site but till can keep the bucket well for a long time.

We accpte the customized excavator bucket ear width and pin size for your quick installation without any modification while you get it.

Excavator Mud Bucket – The Must-Have Excavator Attachment

The excavator mud bucket is a bulk material handling component built to facilitate the loading and transport of materials at aggregate job sites. Mud buckets can be fitted on several carriers, including cranes, tractors, backhoe loaders, or dredgers. Still, their most widespread usage is with the hydraulic powered excavator for various earthmoving projects.

They are specially adapted to digging in natural features like mud, sand, and stones. Wet and muddy soil can be very difficult to work with, not to mention extremely heavy. However, mud buckets are built to fight through the sticky nature of these materials and bear such heavy weights regularly.

Design Elements

Mud buckets are manufactured from solid steel material with teeth-like protrusions on the cutting edge. The purpose of the latter is to break up hard particles as the bucket penetrates the ground, and to prevent wear and tear. It also has an internal volume that features different widths depending on the size.

The bottom and sides are often reinforced with wear strips to prolong the life span of the bucket. Finally, there are two pinholes from where the lip is attached to the carrier machine. The design is often very simple, with minimal components. They are similar to other excavator attachments like hydraulic grab buckets, sieve buckets, GP buckets, and tilt batter buckets.

Types of Mud Bucket Capacities

There are three capacity levels of mud buckets which determine the durability and effectiveness of the bucket in different terrains.

General Duty: This bucket serves the most common mud bucket functions. It is suitable for digging through low to medium abrasive materials like coal, clay, loam, and topsoil.

Heavy Duty: These are sturdier than general duty buckets and can handle fine material as well as coarse ones such as sand, gravel, shale, and basal. The increased strength of these buckets comes at the cost of their weight.

Extreme Duty: Extreme duty excavator mud buckets are designed for the toughest applications. They are exceptionally strong and can handle sandstone, shot granite, quartzite, and other harsh materials. They are built with interior wear liners, exterior wear plates, lip shrouds, and additional secondary reinforcements that add to the weight of the already heavy steel plates.

Efficiency of The Excavator Mud Bucket

The sheer size of the bucket does not necessarily translate to more efficiency. Larger buckets can physically bear more load, but may slow down the digging process. They will further require more machine power, which results in less productivity over time. Besides, buckets with very large capacities lead the excavator to wear out at an increased pace or even breakdown during operation.

The efficiency of the excavator bucket is determined by the carrier machine on which it is mounted and every bucket has its machine specifications.  Hence it is paramount to use the right attachment at all times to achieve maximum digging efficiency, safety, and maneuverability.

Benefits of The Excavator Mud Bucket

High Performance: The teeth-like protrusions require less machine power than the standard straight edge mud bucket to pull the bucket through the ground. This speeds up performance and increases productivity. It also helps move materials and debris in mass, thereby making the job faster.

Simple to Mount: Designed with a bolt-on mechanism, this attachment requires no special skills for mounting onto the carrier machine.

Low Maintenance: The excavator mud bucket saves cost on professional maintenance since it is easy to change the edge and loosen the bolts on-site. As a consequence of the high performance, there are relatively fewer machine hours worked, which also cuts down on fuel costs and operator wages.

Low Wear & Tear Rate: The body of the bucket is made of relatively lightweight high-strength steel. An extremely heavy bucket will be difficult to move around and will also weigh on the carrier machine, requiring more effort and fuel consumption to dig through the ground. However, the excavator mud bucket attachment can stand very hard-working sites and last longer without weighing on the excavator.

Applications of the Excavator Mud Bucket

Mud buckets are essential tools in any construction company’s arsenal. They may seem like they are only useful for digging through mud, but they have a much broader range of applications.

Earthmoving – Moving soil or rock from one place to another for processing.

Construction – Used for excavation in a range of construction projects that require pre-foundation digging through muddy ground, clay landfills, and more. Also useful for backfilling trenches, grading, and other finish work.

Waste and Recycling – For removing ditch sediments, as well as scrap and waste clearing.

Agriculture – Used for processing the soil and moving large quantities of fertilizer.

SWT Mud Bucket

Projects that involve moving the ground will generally require excavator mud buckets very often. Our mud bucket design will not only be effective in handling light and aerated material, but will prove invaluable with abrasive and harder earth mass and debris. We provide customized attachments to suit your needs, in line with your excavator’s safe working load capacity. We accept the ear width and pin size to enable quick installation without modifications. Our buckets feature general duty, heavy-duty, and extreme duty capabilities, and we prioritize durability so that you get the most value out of your investment.

Order the mud bucket for your needs with the required specifications. Every mud bucket attachment is designed, developed, and manufactured in-house and is guaranteed to meet the requirements for maximum efficiency.

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Excavator Mud Bucket for Volvo Excavators

Excavator Brand Model Pin Size Link Width Pins Distance
VOOLVO EC40 45 160  
EC60 45 160 285
EC80 60 190  
EC55B 45 165 285
EC55D 45 155 285
EC120 65 273  
EC140 65 260  
EC140B 70 260  
EC200B 70 290  
EC200 80 326 470
EC210 80 325 460
EC210B 80 310  
EC240 90 380 508
EC240 90 380 510
EC280 80 320  
EC290 90 410 500
EC295 90 410  
EC330B 110 440  
EC350 110*440 100*400  
EC360 110*440 100*400  
EC380 110*440 100*400  
EC460 110*470 100*470 570
EC480 110*470 100*430  
EC360-17 110/100 400/440 575
EC700 120 510/480 640
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Please leave us your location ,then we can arrange door to door shipping service to your port or your warehouse directly with DDP payment.

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It often take 10-20 working days for producing, and other 10-30 days for shipping according to your location.

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We are offering quality after sales service and we are always working hard on developing  new overseas service and parts branch for user satisfaction.

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