Excavator Clamshell Grab Bucket From Bonovo

Clamsheel bucket is one kind of excavator attachments, mounted on excavtor or other carrier for dgging of foudation pit and deep chasm;It is Loading of loose materials such as coal, sands,beans in the port from the ship to land.

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Procut Application:

Clamsheel bucket is one kind of excavator attachments, mounted on excavtor or other carrier for dgging of foudation pit and deep chasm;It is Loading of loose materials such as coal, sands,beans in the port from the ship to land. Especially handy for restricted working place, the excavator clamshell bucket is very useful.

SWT clamshell bucket is driven by two hydraulic cylinders with big grabing power

We designed vertical or horizontal type cylinders for different projects. The bucket body choose very strong strength steel but with ligher weight, so it can load the maximum capacity, finish the job faster.

Clamshell Bucket Types & Applications

Clamshell buckets come in various types and serve a range of purposes. These products are essential to the aggregates industry for construction activities that require the transport of materials and debris between locations. They are a standard attachment for excavators, but they can also be fitted onto truck cranes, stationary cranes, dredgers, harbor cranes, and backhoe loaders. There are numerous kinds of construction activities, so clamshell buckets also come in several designs adapted to specific areas of work.

Types of Clamshell Buckets

The Clamshell bucket is generally designed as a coupling of two elementary buckets held by a hinged structure, creating a claw-like apparatus with an internal volume for digging, scooping up, and holding particles. From this basic concept of the clamshell bucket, six different variations exist.

Mechanical Clamshell Buckets

This kind of clamshell bucket attachment is commonly used with equipment like overhead bridge cranes and naval gear cranes where the holding and closing lines are shared. It is designed to move, open and close with the help of a cable. This functionality aids in maximizing the bucket’s production capacity for heavy-duty digging in construction and dredging projects. With SWT mechanical clamshell buckets, the high-quality steel design is able to withstand erosion that can be caused by such heavy usage.

Hydraulic Clamshell Bucket

The engineering of hydraulic clamshell buckets is adapted for mounting on excavators. Thanks to a center rotation mechanism, they are made of fewer parts and are driven by cylinders with significant grabbing power. The bowl’s radius will usually be equal to the locus of the cylinder, allowing maximum loading and increased productivity.

The hydraulic clamshell bucket attachment is very flexible, as it is available in different capacities. Hence, it is suitable for various material handling tasks. SWT Hydraulic Excavator Clamshell Buckets come in two versions – vertical-type hydraulic cylinders and horizontal-type hydraulic cylinders.

Electrohydraulic Clamshell Bucket

This is a specialized kind of bucket that is mounted on cranes with a single drum like ship gears and overhead gantry cranes. It is manufactured with high wear-resistant steel to support regular loading and unloading of barges. The steel plates can be executed in any weight and capacity, which helps to ensure that the crane’s maximum lifting capacity is not exceeded, especially when heavier cargoes are involved.

Rehandling Clamshell Bucket

The rehandling clamshell bucket is the ideal attachment for your handling equipment when dealing with free-flowing materials like fertilizer, coal, and wood chips. Fine-grained loads, being more compact, can reach hefty weights per batch, so rehandling clamshell buckets are designed with the strength and speed required to move large volumes of these aggregates in a short time.

Ore Clamshell Buckets

The application of ore clamshell buckets is predominant in mining activities. The material handling situations in this particular industry are often very hardcore. Materials like ferromanganese, pig iron, chrome ore, and nickel ore are made up of extremely tough particles, and handling such heavy-duty materials regularly can quickly lead to bucket erosion.

Ore clamshell buckets are specially designed to take on such high abrasive materials. They are manufactured of high strength steel and boast strong staying power.

Digging Clamshell Buckets

The buckets for digging come with single or double vertical cylinders for easy ground penetration and reinforced sides for resistance. Useful for all forms of excavation, these buckets are well-built to bear the stress of even the most challenging terrain. With higher capacity digging buckets, the job gets done much faster.


Different clamshell bucket designs have specific applications for which they are best suited. Some are sturdier than others, with greater reinforcements to handle more stress. Also, the angle of the cylinders will determine functionality—horizontal cylinders for loading, and vertical cylinders for digging. Clamshell Buckets are more efficient due to the features within and outside the bucket. The inside is designed to allow easy discharge of collected materials, hence are often smooth, while the outer parts will usually have ground engaging tools with wear strips to enable vertical digging.

Applications of Clamshell Buckets

These construction attachments have a wide range of uses, including:

Marine construction – The clamshell bucket for excavator machines is useful in reshaping and improving the land under water prior to building foundations for bridges, docks, and dams.

Demolitions – They are used in moving debris to and from construction sites.

Forestry projects – Transportation of wood chips and other forestry materials.

Building projects – For digging pits in preparation for ground construction work as well as the loading and unloading of building materials such as sand, mortar, gravel, and so on.

Mining – Useful for material handling of crude metals.

Agriculture – Bulk handling of agricultural wastes, produce, and fertilizers.

Environmental remediation – Removing pollutants, contaminants, and debris from the soil, groundwater, or surface water.

Landscaping and gardening – For working the soil and clearing of lightweight debris.

Earthmoving – Moving, removing, or adding soil for engineering constructions like railways, roads, dams, canals, drains, etc.

Quarry projects – Excavation of stone, rock, slate, and other aggregates from the ground.

SWT Clamshell Buckets

SWT is your go-to clamshell bucket manufacturer with products to suit every construction needs, from lightweight lifting like gardening to heavyweight handling for mining projects. Our attachments operate well in limited space and possess robust rotation and maneuverability. We have a range of products designed with high-strength tensile steel to withstand corrosion for extended durability. The steel material is not only high strength, but also lightweight and can open and close quickly and with enough force. We also implement easy mounting systems that fit a variety of machines.

Find the clamshell bucket for your needs from our product listings. Every clamshell bucket attachment is designed, developed, and manufactured in-house and is guaranteed to meet the requirements for maximum efficiency.

Relying on advanced technology and perfect after-sales service system, our company integrates the series products of Excavator Clamshell Grab Bucket From Bonovo, serving the society and meeting the needs of our customers. Accurate demand data can assist us in formulating scientific business strategies, avoiding blindness in operations, thereby reducing operating costs and improving efficiency. We firmly believe that only by ensuring quality can there be a market for us, and only by continuous product improvement can we make progress.

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