Excavator bucket thumb Introduction

Dec 10, 2020

Excavator Bucket Thumb Introduction

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The excavator bucket thumb is an attachment ideal for construction works. In this article, get to know about their types and how they function.  

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One wrong thing you must always avoid while working is using the wrong tool. If you are into construction-related works, it is something you should note. In this kind of work, you will not want to use the wrong tool. The reason is that every minute and effort you expend counts. If you don’t take note of the tools you are using, it can lead to many problems. For example, it can lead to a longer time in completing projects, workers frustration, and ultimately poor results. Here we introduce the excavator thumb bucket, a common landscape or construction attachment used in excavation.

Excavator Bucket Thumb

Excavators are always heavy-duty tools used in constructions, landscaping and other works. To work efficiently, the excavator needs some attachments. The most standard attachment used with it is the excavator bucket.

There are many types of Excavator buckets. Each one functions depending on its type. Therefore, they can be used in digging, trenching, scooping, or lifting materials. They are very useful but comes with a limitation. The limitation is it’s inability to handle materials well. This is where an excavator thumb comes in.

An Excavator thumb is another excavator add-on. Its design is like the human thumb. Therefore, it is ideal for grasping, clamping, securing, or even picking up materials. Its high gripping power also makes it ideal for such processes.

Due to its design, the excavator thumb complements the actions of the excavator bucket. Therefore, you can add it to the excavator bucket. This results into the excavator bucket thumb.

Types of Excavator Thumb Bucket

There are two types of excavator thumb bucket: mechanic and hydraulic thumb buckets. Each one has its properties, which makes it ideal for a particular purpose.

· Mechanic Thumb bucket

Mechanic bucket thumb, also known as rigid thumb bucket, is popular due to its low price. It is ideal for works that need many excavator attachments. Therefore, operators can easily change the attachment when needed. You can also use it with a hydraulic excavator bucket.

However, a mechanic thumb bucket also has its disadvantages. Below are two of its disadvantages:

– They require more force to control their actions.

– They are less sensitive.

Due to their disadvantages, they are less popular among operators that value ease of operation and productivity at large.

· Hydraulic Thumb bucket

A hydraulic bucket thumb is the opposite of a mechanical thumb bucket. It is costlier due to the several advantages it offers. Below are a few of its advantages:

– It is very sensitive.

– It requires less force to control. This makes it the right option to carry materials of different sizes.

– It offers a better control system. This means you can accurately control the thumb position to give a better placement and pickup option than a rigid thumb.

– It offers a greater range of movement.

At Sanha Machinery Tech, you can have any of the bucket thumbs. You can choose any depending on the properties you want, price, and other factors.

Factors to Consider when Choosing an Excavator Bucket Thumb

There are two factors you must pay attention:

– Let the size of the excavator bucket thumb complements the size of the excavator.

– The excavator thumb aligns with the bucket.


Functions of the Excavator Thumb Bucket

The excavator bucket thumb comprises an excavator thumb and an excavator bucket. It functions depends on the type of excavator bucket used. Its thumb attachment is responsible for its additional features. Additional features offered by the add-on include:

– They are ideal for grasping materials.

– They are ideal for clamping materials.

– They are ideal for securing materials.

Below are a few of its general functions.

Material Handling

The excavator thumb bucket is an ideal attachment for excavators working in areas that requires precise handling and transportation of materials. It is ideal for such a purpose because of its unique designs.


The excavator bucket thumb is like a human hand. The excavator thumb represents the human thumb while the excavator bucket represents the other parts. You can understand the way the attachment handles and transports materials by likening it functions to your hands.


Can you imagine not having your thumb? How easy will it be to handle things with the other parts of your hands? It won’t be easy. Therefore, in terms of its design, the excavator bucket thumb combines the ability of both attachments. It can then easily carry, handle, and transport of irregular shapes.

The attachment is ideal for many types of materials. For example, you can use on materials such as branches, rocks, logs, bricks etc. It is easy to use because of its high-power gripping ability.

The excavator bucket will contain and hold the material while the thumb secures it in place during transportation.

· Digging

The excavator thumb bucket is also ideal for digging. The mechanism also works like the way we dig the sand or other materials with our hands. It can dig into the ground, and you can also use it to create trenches.

In both scenarios, the excavator thumb folds out to secure its content. Therefore, it becomes easy to load and transfer the contents to place.

Applications of the Excavator Thumb Bucket

Due to its design, the excavator bucket thumb is an attachment useful in many constructions works. When properly utilized, you can enjoy the following:

– It improves productivity and efficiency.

– A reduction in operational cost.

– It reduces the time taken to complete a project.

You can apply them in works that require precise material handling, digging and loading functions.

– Landscaping: Here, it is ideal for holding materials and spreading them over a particular space.

– Road building: They can help in clearing materials such as fallen trees and stones.

– Land clearing: They can also help in the same scenarios as road building.


An excavator thumb bucket is an important excavator attachment used in mining, construction, and landscaping works. It is the ideal add-on for people that values productivity and efficiency while working. With it, you can easily handle materials and dig. Therefore, making such works very easy.

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