Excavator Attachments-Screening Bucket

The screening bucket uses screens to screen granular materials and can be mounted on mechanical equipment such as excavators, loaders, etc. In order to accommodate various manufacturing demands, it can not only process large particle materials but also screen out smaller fine particle materials. The screening bucket can increase screening’s accuracy and consistency while reducing human error that results from manual screening. It is particularly practical because it allows for on-site screening while avoiding transportation. The agglomerated dirt can also be broken at the same time. Smaller particles considerably enhance safety performance by making the backfill dirt more compact without porosity.


The rotary screening bucket will be the topic of our discussion today.


Rotary screening bucket’s range of use

1.Grading large and small stones as well as separating soil and stone powder are done in the quarry.

2.It is utilized for sand and stone separation in the sand and gravel sector.

3.It is employed in the coal sector for coal washing, lump coal separation, and coal powder separation (a component of coal washing machinery).

4.It is employed in the chemical and mineral processing industries for separating powdered materials and classifying large and small lumps.



  1. By using the rolling conveying principle, the friction coefficient is small, the friction is light, and the screen hole is not easily blocked, making it suitable for a variety of working environments.
  2. The roller support uses an overall through-shaft structure that runs smoothly, is vibration-free, and produces little noise.
  3. The internal roller screen accessories have a split design, a simple structure, and are easy to maintain.
  4. The screening cylinder can rotate forward and backward, making it simple to screen, with less material loss and a high washing efficiency that can fully meet the requirements of high-grade materials.
  5. The entire machine is highly reliable, with cycloid deceleration transmission, high transmission efficiency, low power and energy consumption, and a relatively long service life.
  6. A special screen is used, the screening efficiency is high, and the bearing is isolated from water and materials to prevent premature machine damage caused by pollution and rust.



High-efficiency screening: The rotary screening bucket can quickly separate materials and increase screening efficiency.

Low energy consumption: The rotary screening bucket’s motor power is small, and its power consumption is low, which can save energy.

Multifunctional: The rotary screening bucket can be used to screen materials with varying particle sizes and is suitable for a wide range of materials, including powder, granules, liquids, and so on.

Simple structure and easy maintenance: The rotary screening bucket has a simple structure and is easy to maintain, which can extend the equipment’s service life.

Environmental and worker safety: The rotary screening bucket has a sealed design that effectively prevents material dust pollution while also protecting the environment and workers’ health.

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