Engineering Attachment Hcn Brand 0512 Hydraulic Tree Shear for All Brands Skid Steer Loader, Excavator and Loader, Tree Cutter, Tree Knife, Tree Cutting Tool

As one kind of excavator attachments, the tree cutter is mounted on excavator and designed for log felling and deforestation.

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Product Application:

As one kind of excavator attachments, the tree cutter is mounted on excavator and designed for log felling and deforestation.

Product Features:

We designed this excavator tree cutter or tree pusher with large hydraulic cylinder

The tree cutter blade can be machined to an extreme sharpness

It is made of high strength steel for extended wearing life

What You Can Do With The Excavator Tree Cutter – Uses, Benefits, and Maintenance

The excavator tree cutter is a modern excavator attachment that is designed for log felling and deforestation. Cutter attachments can often be mounted on various carriers, but an excavator is perfect machinery for heavy-duty lumbering and clearing of large forest areas. The excavator tree cutter will also prove useful for restoration projects like land or mountain reclamation and repairing of fruit trees. This attachment is specialized for the agricultural industry, but offers quite a few uses outside of the particular scope.

Uses of the Excavator Tree Cutter

Landscaping Projects – For land clearing and trimming trees and branches in both forests and large residential properties.

Forestry utility work – Used for deforestation and reforestation activities like felling logs, cutting branches and land reparation.

Plantation thinning – Selective removal of trees such as Acacia and Eucalyptus to allow room for others to grow.

Removal of hazardous fuels – Thinning out dense tree stands, limbing trees, and removing underbrush to prevent incidences of wildfire hazards.

Agricultural projects – Maintenance and development of farms, rights-of-ways, CRP land, among others.

Features of the Excavator Tree Cutter

This attachment is made with minimal parts to increase the ease of maintenance. The body of the excavator tree cutter is manufactured with high strength steel to handle even the largest log widths and for extended durability. The claw-like extensions grab on to the chunk to be cut and secure trees after felling.

The working force of the cutter is powered by a hydraulic cylinder for greater unidirectional force. A bolt-on replaceable blade that slices through the wood in smooth and straight motions. The blade is adjustable, and the super sharp razor can yield nearly 1,000 hours at full performance. When blunt, the knives can be sharpened and feel brand new.

Advantages of the Excavator Tree Cutter

There are several alternatives to the tree cutter, but none is as effective as this device. Its advantages range from increased producitivity to minimal pollution and low working noise.

High Productivity: This attachment is designed to do more work in a shorter amount of time. It is specialized for heavy-duty forestry projects and can consistently withstand fatigue when used regularly. The excavator tree cutter attachment is able to reach higher limbs than a skid steer tree shear, for instance. It can easily go over fencing or reach down hillsides and ditches.

Non Pollution: When operating near a roadway with such a high speed rotor, materials are often propelled onto the road, while fine dust particles pollute the surrounding air. However, the excavator tree cutter slices through with extreme force and precision. There is very little repulsion, which limits the amount of debris that goes up in the atmosphere.

Increased Safety: Particles ejected at high speed can often be dangerous for both the operators and machines. Fortunately, the windshields of most excavators are made of high-grade, impact-resistant polycarbonate, which is able to repel large pieces of wood and other objects flying around.

Low noise: This attachment produces a lower working noise than shears and saws. Hence, it is convenient for site development projects within city limits.

Easy-To-Fit: The tree cutter serves to make work easier, and that includes the process of mounting. The attachment has a bolt-on mechanism that makes it easy to fit on any carrier. This enables on-site mounting and replacement by operators and cuts down on maintenance costs. Depending on the weight of the equipment, there is a range of sizes available.

Safety & Maintenance Requirements

The excavator tree cutter attachment is much more efficient than other tree cutters or shears. However, it requires a certain amount of precaution with regard to maintenance. Generally, you’ll need to clean the air filters and engine compartment of the carrier machine at regular intervals.

Build-up of dust and leaves in the air filters and intake screens of the engine compartment is unavoidable and this could result in excessive heating of the engine or the hydraulic cylinder. Depending on how much material gets up in the air, cleaning may be required every couple of hours. However, this can be done on-site without the need for professional assistance.

SWT Excavator Tree Cutter

The SWT excavator tree cutter, otherwise called tree pusher, boasts extreme cutting strength thanks to its large hydraulic cylinder and machine sharpened blade. There is up to 60 degrees tilting performance to the left and the right, enabling the operator to adjust during cutting and placement. It’s the perfect attachment to deliver a clean job for all forms of site development, and the SWT excavator tree cutter prices are some of the most competitive. Different specifications are available depending on the weight of the excavator and the size of the job.

Get the right excavator tree cutter for your needs. Every SWT attachment is designed, developed, and manufactured in-house and is guaranteed to meet the requirements for maximum efficiency.


1.Where is your factory and we can visit before place the order?

Yes, We are near Shanghai, and you are welcome any time to check and inspection our factroy and producing.

2.How can I be your distributor?

Please contact our service manager for distributor recuriting and distributor support policy documents.

3.Do you you local company in our area for direct deal?

It depends on your location, if we have dealer there, we can make the deal locally.

4.Do you have any support on intallation?

Yes, we can support you on intallation by instruction video, you can also connect with out engineer for video talking directly.

5.Can you arrange delivery with DDP serivce.

Yes, we can arrange shipping to your address with DDP payment. You can tell us your location while you place the order to us.

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Product Parameters:

Excavator Mdel Opening size Max Diameter Working Pressure Weight Hose BSP
2-3.5Ton 3GC1 520MM 100MM 25MPA 220 G3/8*19
6-8Ton 4GC1 530MM 150MM 25MPA 340 G3/8*19
12-16Ton 7GC1 820MM 200MM 25MPA 850 G1/2*14
18-25Ton 8GC1 1140MM 250MM 32MPA 1720 G1/2*14
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