Doosan Excavators in Saudi Arabia

Oct 13, 2021

Recently, Doosan Infracore received an order from a local construction company in Saudi Arabia for 20 sets of 22-ton excavators (DX220LCA) and 5 sets of 50-ton excavators (DX480LCA) for a total of 25 excavators. Subsequently, Doosan Infracore defeated international competitors in a tender jointly initiated by two construction companies in Saudi Arabia and signed a sales contract for 50 sets of 22-ton excavators (DX225LCA).


The construction company that was the first to purchase 25 units is the main partner of Saudi Arabia’s state-run oil company ARAMCO. It is highly satisfied with Doosan Infracore’s machinery. This company has invested a large amount of Doosan’s engineering in large-scale construction projects carried out in Saudi Arabia. mechanical. This contract is the second purchase following the signing of the purchase of 35 excavators and wheel loaders in March. The total number of Doosan Infracore machines purchased during the two purchases reached 60 units.

The delivered excavators will be used in the “Neom City” construction project under construction in the western region of Saudi Arabia. Neom City is the world’s largest smart city project being promoted by Saudi Arabia, with a total investment of approximately US$500 billion.


Before the second batch of 50 units was purchased, Doosan Infracore put forward the best mechanical performance, price, service and other solutions based on customer needs, which were highly praised. The alliance that purchased the machinery this time is the main partner of the Saudi State-owned Electric Power Company, and the delivered excavators will be used in the maintenance of power facilities.

Recently, Doosan Infracore has actively expanded its sales activities in the Middle East market. In April this year, it signed a sales order for 102 excavators in Qatar, equivalent to 23% of the annual market size. Doosan Infracore strives to secure major customers by launching competitive new products in the construction machinery market in the Middle East and launching customized comprehensive service solutions “Doosan Care” (DoosanCARE), etc., and is expected to have a market share of more than 10% this year.

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