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A demolition crusher is one type of excavator attachment, which is used for construction material demolition projects. It has one cylinder demolition crusher for small excavators and double cylinders crusher with a big force for heavy excavator demolition projects.

Application of demolition crusher

  • old building house demolition
  • industry workshop,factory and chimney dismantal
  • concrete demolition and recycling
  • scrap steel ,iron,mental material ,construction concrete reinforcing bar cutting

Hydraulic excavator demolition crusher working videos

SWT is a professional manufacturer of demolition crushers for excavators. With different cutting blades, the demolition can be used for different material cutting jobs.

The blade for steels     The blade for concrete

For mini or small excavator crushers, it often come with one cylinder which with limited working weight. And for heavy duty excavator hydraulic crushers, it is often equiped with two cylinders with big cutting force for high efficiency cutting jobs.

Features of swt excavator concrete crushers:

  • Using high quality raw material
  • Useing bigger oil cylinder with huge force
  • Quality seal system to keep long working life
  • Simple structure for easy maintenance
  • Separate and exchangable blades for economic cost

Specifications of hydraulic demolition crushers with double cylinder for heavy duty excavators.


One very important tool when dealing with a large percentage of construction works is the demolition crusher excavator attachment. In every construction work, there will be some form of demolitions. Therefore, depending on the type, the demolition crusher can be of immense use.   Shortly, we will look into its features, functions, and applications. Let’s start with what a demolition crusher is.

What is a Demolition Crusher?

Demolition works come with a lot of large concrete breaking. This might run into weeks of completion if the right tool is not used. Hence, to reduce labor and stress, the SWT demolition crusher is the excavator attachment ideal for such purposes. Like its name, it is for all demolition jobs such as breaking down buildings and large concrete.

The demolition crusher, made and distributed by Sanha Machinery Tech, comes with a different number of cylinders that fit perfectly for both small and large demolition projects. It has one cylinder for small excavators and double cylinders for large excavators. Both features ensure your demolition projects are executed easily and quickly. And for ease of operation, it has a hydraulic feature.

SWT demolition crusher is a product that further confirms the unmatched quality of the company. This is many thanks to its incredible features like the different set of blades it comes with that makes it the best fit for both concrete crushing and steel reinforcing bar cutting.

Features of SWT Demolition Crusher

As said earlier, the SWT demolition crusher comes with two different sets of cylinders and that, pretty much, splits the demolition crusher into two main types. They are;

1. There is a hydraulic demolition crusher with a single cylinder for small excavators like the SRSO2 and SRSO4.

2. There is a rotating demolition crusher with double cylinders for large excavators.

This model is further divided into two types.

● Knife blade for steel reinforcing bar cutting like the SRS04G, SRS06G, SRS08G, SRS10G, and SRS14G.

● Knife blade for concrete demolition like the SRS04H, SRS06H, SRS08H, SRS10H, and SRS14H.

Both main types are responsible for small and large demolition projects, respectively.

Let’s consider some of the features of the rotating demolition crusher with double cylinders, precisely, the SRSO6G model.

Model/Description: SRS06G

Deadweight: 1413kg

Max-opening: 540Mm

Height: 2050Mm

Width: 1175Mm

Length of blade: 348Mm

Rotation mode: 360° ball colliding rotation

Pressure: 300Bar

Root crushing force: 138×2 Ton

Middle crushing force: 80×250 Ton

Fore-end crushing force: 53×2 Ton

Suitable for excavation: 15-18 Ton.

The beauty of all these parameters is in knowing their importance and their effects on the demolition crusher’s function.

Understanding the specifications will not only maximize the use of the attachment. It will allow you to explore the different models of SWT demolition crusher.

There are over ten models of this product, designed uniquely for different demolition project work, but only with apt knowledge of the specifications, you will be able to exploit the richness and technicality of the product.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important specifications.

● Weight: Safe to say that the most important feature of the demolition crusher is the weight. This is because it goes a long way in determining the type and nature of demolition work the attachment can do.

Understanding this specification will also determine the type of excavator it can be attached.

The weight varies with the module number. This model of demolition crusher we are considering, the SRS06G, weighs 1413kg. SRS08G has a weight size of 2200 kg.

● Max-opening: Measured in millimeters, the max opening of a demolition crusher increases with the module number of both types. SRS06G has a max-opening of 540Mm, SRS10G runs into about 660Mm.

This specification explains the size of concrete or piles you can demolish at a go.

Hence, before your purchase, the demolition crusher attachment for your excavator, be sure to check the max-opening and be sure it fits your project.

● Platform weightFinally, ensure you check the platform weight. This is also important in knowing the right excavator to use.

Advantages of Using a Demolition Crusher

Below are some of the advantages of using a demolition crusher;

● Ease of Use and Operations

SWT demolition crusher is designed to ensure maximum comfort while using and operating it. Coupled to that is the safety of usage.

● Increased Productivity 

Right next to the ease in operations is increased productivity. SWT demolition crusher comes with different sets of blades and cylinders that enhance the productive power of the attachment. Either for small scale demolition or large-scale demolition project, it fits in seamlessly.

● Environment-Friendly 

Thanks to its hydraulic feature, the SWT demolition crusher produces lesser noise than its counterparts during operation. This feature makes it a fit for construction work in any environment.

● Durability 

The SWT Demolition Crusher comes from high-quality and strong materials that can be termed military grade. This makes it rugged, durable, and can stand the test of time.

How to Use the Demolition Crusher?

The first thing to consider before choosing the appropriate model of demolition crusher is the size of the demolition project and also if it’s concrete work or bar cutting. This will determine the type of demolition crusher to use.

If it’s steel reinforcing bar cutting, the knife blade type of double cylinders demolition crusher is preferred such as the SRS04G, SRS06G, etc.

And if it’s for concrete work, the knife blade of double cylinders demolition crusher is preferred, such as the SRS06H, SRS08H amongst others.

Besides, another factor to consider is the size of the excavator. For a small excavator, a single-cylinder demolition crusher is best, and for a large excavator, a double cylinder demolition crusher is best.

To use the crusher, attach it to the excavator and place it close to the construction or building you want to be demolished, switch on the engine, and let it carry out the demolition project easily.

It does the demolition work safely and without hassle.

The world has gone beyond the use of crude tools and instruments to carry out construction works. Now, it’s all about machines. SWT demolition crusher has carved a place for itself in construction works. Not only because of its features but also because of its ease of use and safety measures.

Get the Demolition Crusher

For all your demolition projects, including both concrete and reinforcing bar cutting, a demolition crusher is your perfect pick. At Sanha Machinery Tech, we have different models of demolition crushers that are highly efficient and excellent. 

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Hydraulic demolition crushers parameters:

(1)Hydraulic demolition crusher with single cylinder for small excavators

Model/Description Unit SRS02 SRS04
Dead-weight kg 350 500
Max. Opening mm 440 515
Height mm 1287 1525
Width mm 765 895
Rotation Mode 360°Mechanical 360°Ball Colliding Rotation
Pressure bar 210 235
Root Crushing Force ton 95 110
Middle Crushing Force ton 45 50
Fore-end Crushing Force ton 25 36
Suitable for the Excavator ton 3-5 5-8

(2)Rotatings demolition crusher with double cylinders for demolition projects

A. Knief blade for reinforcing bar cutting

Model Unit SRS04G SRS06G SRS08G SRS10G SRS14G
Dead-weight Kg 620 1413 2200 2977 4052
Max.Opening Mm 335.5 540 500 660 801
Height Mm 1521 2050 2380 2600 2700
Width Mm 864 1175 1370 1600 1700
The Active Length of Blade Mm 286 348 486 578 736
Rotation Mode 360°Ball Colliding Rotation 360°Hydraulic rotating
Pressure Bar 235 300 320 320 320
Root Crushing Force Ton 81*2 138*2 171*2 330*2 387*2
Middle Crushing Force Ton 50*2 80*2 102*2 189*2 218*2
Fore-end Crushing Force Ton 32*2 53*2 75*2 127*2 147*2
Suitable for the Excavator Ton 5-8 15-18 20-25 28-35 38-50

B. Knief blade for concrete demolition

Model Unit SRS04H SRS06H SRS08H SRS10H SRS14H
Dead-weight Kg 62 1345 2164 3060 4052
Max.Opening Mm 540 650 950 1100 1200
Height Mm 1419 1888 2374 2480 2700
Width Mm 884 1175 1360 1540 1700
Rotation Mode 360°Ball Colliding Rotation 360°Hydraulic rotating
Pressure Bar 235 300 320 320 320
Root Crushing Force Ton 81*2 120*2 168*2 288*2 375*2
Middle Crushing Force Ton 44.5*2 66*2 78*2 125*2 174*2
Fore-end Crushing Force Ton 25*2 40*2 56*2 90*2 118*2
Suitable for the Excavator Ton 5-8 15-18 20-25 28-35 38-50
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