Causes Of Oil Leakage From Large Breakers

Apr 03, 2020

As we all know, the power source of large breakers is the pressure oil provided by the pumping station of the excavator or loader, which can more effectively clean the floating stones and the soil in the cracks of the rock during the excavation of the building foundation. The principle of choosing a large breaker is to choose a suitable large breaker according to the type of excavator and working environment. After the return hammer brake movement and stroke acceleration movement, the breaker can help us complete the work well. The excavator breaker sometimes leaks oil. What is the reason? The following is a detailed introduction to the reasons for oil leakage of large breakers.

If the piston rod oil ring becomes larger, a few drops of oil will drip during each stroke. If this is the case, the main reason is that the lip of the dust ring scrapes off the oil film, and the type of the dust ring needs to be replaced; when the low pressure leaks oil, the high pressure does not leak. The reason for this phenomenon is that there is a poor roughness on the assembly surface. As long as the surface roughness is properly improved, a seal with a lower hardness can be used; if it leaks oil at low temperatures, it does not leak oil at high temperatures. There are two reasons for this phenomenon: too much eccentricity; the choice of seal material.

In addition, there is oil leakage between the cylinder and the upper body, usually the bolt and nut are loose. At this time, it is necessary to retighten and replace the damaged O-ring; the valve body and the bolt cap need to be reinstalled after overhauling. Leakage of the body, under normal circumstances, the lubricant and anti-rust oil coated on it will flow out during installation; the oil leakage before the steel braze and the front cover is more serious, then the staff should carefully check that the leak is hydraulic Oil or butter, take a look at whether the seals are damaged, and if necessary, replace them in time; after major repairs between the main valve and the surface of the cylinder, the reinstalled valve body has oil leakage, and the oil needs to be cleaned. Take a look at whether the oil seal is damaged. Once the oil seal is damaged, it needs to be replaced immediately.

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