Case Cx240b Hydraulic Stone Grapple Rock Grapple for Excavator

This type excavator stone grapple is a multi functional excavator attachment. It can also work as a wood grapple with different grab fingers.

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Product Application:

This type excavator rock grapple is a multi functional excavator attachment. It can also work as a wood grapple with different grab fingers.

It is widely used in construction and stone process factory for stone rock moving , loading as well as in farms and wood transportation projects.

Product Features:

SWT excavator rock grapple can do 360 degree hydraulic rotation , making it more flexible grabbing effect.

The built-in balancing valve of the oil cylinder makes the grapple operation smooth and maintains clamping force,thus providing higher safety.

The two-way overflow valve and the two-way balance valve of the motor can protect the stone grapple from the impact of hydraulic pressure.

Excavator Rock Grapple Applications Introduction

Whether it’s on a construction site or a farm, excavators are heavy-duty equipments that make our job easier and faster. While they can do several jobs from lifting to digging, the main function of an excavator depends on the kind of grapple attached to it. If you’re looking for an excavator attachment that picks rocks and stones efficiently, you can’t do any better than an excavator rock grapple.

Excavator Rock Grapple Application

Flexible, lightweight, and with multiple teethed opening jaw, an excavator rock grapple is versatile and can lift other materials other than a rock. Below are places where a rock grapple can do a job.

On a Worksite Site

On work sites, an excavator rock grapple can do the following.

· Pick rocks: As its name suggests, this kind of grapple is mainly used to grab and lift rocks of different sizes. A strong hold from its jaw means rocks can easily be held tightly and lifted without much hassle. This is a piece of essential machinery for stonemasons, landscape contractors, and other people who work with rocks.

·  Grab Stones: excavator rock grapple can grab different sizes of stones from demolitions on work sites. Its opening jaw is equipped with several teeth that can hold firmly to stones of different shapes and lift them comfortably. With this grapple, you can effectively clean up demolished buildings.

· Scrap Handling: Rock grapples can also handle scraps. They are regularly used to grab and load scrap metals in steel industries. The wide opening jaw allows them to grab hold of a sizeable portion of scrap metals easily.

· Load Iron and poles: You can easily handle iron, poles, and pipes with an excavator rock grapple. You can lift, load, and unload.

On a Farm

On a farm, an excavator rock grapple can handle the following:

· Wood: A rock grapple can grab hold of timber or logs of wood. Many farmers use this machine to load or arrange wood on their farm. Again, its opening jaw and grip force comes into play. The jaw’s width lets it grab hold of large woods or several smaller kinds of wood and move them from one spot to another.


What Makes a Rock Grapple Excavator Tick?

How is a rock grapple able to perform its duties? The following are the features that makes it a functional unit.

1. Rotatable Swing Bearing: The machine comes with a hydraulic rotator that allows it to rotate 360 degrees. This feature enables it to rotate clockwise and anticlockwise aiding free movement and a flexible grabbing effect.

2. Operational Handle: Any driver who has experience with excavators will tell you that handles are best for operating rock grapples. Handles are flexible and comfortable. This gives the driver better control.

3. Lightweight With Wide Opening Jaw:  The grapple’s lightweight allows it to grab materials more efficiently and boost overall performance. The opening jaw’s width makes it easier to carry large loads and hold firmly. The jaws are equipped with 5 fingers(teeth). These fingers are interlaced and clasped together tightly with a holding flap. This strengthens its holding force to help grab large objects more efficiently.


How to Choose the Best Excavator Rock grapple for Your Job

Rock grapples are popular amongst excavator owners because of their multipurpose use. With this excavator attachment, you can handle several jobs effectively. However, choosing the best excavator grapple attachment may not be as straightforward as you’d like.

Different manufacturers mean different product quality and if you’re not careful, you might end up with a tock excavator of substandard quality. Ideally, you’d want a grapple that’s efficient, durable, and easy to use. Here’s how to make the best choice.

1. Check Features: Before buying a rock grapple, check the product details to see if it has some key features. Some rock grapple for excavators don’t have five fingers. While they can still do a job, it won’t be quite as efficient. Also, be sure the grapple has a hydraulic rotator. Does the oil cylinder have a balancing valve? This is crucial for a smooth operation and higher safety.

2. Ask Questions: When you call a rock grapple manufacturer, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Allow them to convince you that you’re making the right purchase. Ask about durability and scope of application. Don’t take their word for with, though. Go to their social media pages and view feedbacks from customers. Take the negative feedback seriously.

3. Ease of Use: Of course you may need proper training to operate and excavator for rock grapples. Yet, what you want is a machine that can be easily operated by a driver. For example, a hydraulic rotating rock grapple with an operating handle is much easier to work with.

4. Manufacturer: Who’s the product’s manufacturer? How reliable are their products and do they have a track record of manufacturing quality attachments? Every manufacturer claims to be the next best thing since sliced bread, but that’s not always true. It is, therefore, important to conduct your little research to ensure your preferred manufacturer is tested and trusted. If you’re looking to make an order online, check their websites to see if there’s an address you can contact or visit when if you need to make complaints.


An excavator rock grapple is just what you need to handle clearing, loading, unloading, and arranging projects. With its lightweight and impressive gripping force, a rock grapple can grab and lift large timbers, piles of wood, a large chunk of wastes, debris, and metals. Its ease of use means you can easily control it with little training. This can save you some extra cash you’d rather spend on hiring a driver.

Since it’s a multipurpose attachment, its scope of application allows you to save money on buying another attachment when you’re working on different projects. If you’re looking to purchase one sometime soon but unsure about the best product on the market, you can visit Sanha Machinery Tech .  Not only do you get a durable and efficient excavator rock grapple, but you also get quality after-sale services to ensure your machine is in top condition.




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Product Parameters:

Model/Description Unit SG04 SG06 SG08 SG10
Weight Kg 390 740 1380 1700
Opening Size Mm 1400 1800 2300 2500
Working Pressure Kg/cm2 120-160 150-170 160-180 160-180
Setting Pressure Kg/cm2 180 190 200 210
Working Flow LPM 50-100 90-110 100-140 130-170
Oil Cylinder Capacity Ton 4.5*2 8.0*2 9.7*2 12*2
Suitable for the Excavators Ton 7-11 12-16 17-23 24-30
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