Hydraulic hammer for sale

Box Type Hydraulic Hammer

  1. Design with cushion rubber shock absorption system
  2. Lower noise for city projects, comfortable operation
  3. Longer operation rang for distance working
  4. Easy maintenance design with quality wear-resisting material for longer working life


Hydraulic hammer is a primary tool for many rock excavation contracting and concrete demolition companies. It can improve the Earth moving productivity on the job site significantly when used correctly.

Excavator Hydraulic hammer is one of the more adaptable pieces of equipment. In addition to the buckets it is used to dig or scrape into the augurs, rakes, compactors, rippers, earth, and grapples can be connected for particular jobs.

Sanha Machinery Tech, the best hydraulic hammer supplier in China can meet the requirement of our clients without burning a hole in your pocket.

SWT hydraulic hammer

SWT brand box type hydraulic hammer manufacturer have following features:

1.Choosing quality material from reputation steel factory, and the material is track-able. Good quality material means none fatal risk on the hydraulic hammer body and longer working life.

2.All the excavator hydraulic hammer parts we produced with fixed standard drawing, forbidding casual producing to keep all the parts are standard, avoiding parts mistake.

3.All main bodies of the hydraulic hammer should be impacting tested before delivery to make sure it can work well while the user get it installed.

4.To make difference, we improve and develop some new plus models box type hydraulic hammers with big power and very flexiable operation for users, which is more power than most of same capacity hammers on the market.

5.In order to make users can touch us easily, some overseas service and parts center also settled.

6.With long years sales and service exprience, we know how to make dealer success, supporting with financial, sales and training service.

Hydraulic hammer manufacturer

Why SWT hydraulic hammer is more powerful than others?

a. Except the reliable quality , our manufacturer team also pay more attention on product higher efficiency.

b. The precision tolerance control between piston and cylinder can make sure minimum hydraulic power loss while the piston moving in the cylinder before impacting the tool head.

c. Choosing good material for piston, cylinder,seal kits is also making the minimum hydraulic power loss while piston moving.

d. Longer piston stroke design is also a feature whick makes bigger impact power than others.

Hydraulic Hammer

Box type hydraulic hammers structure introduction:

SWT brand Hydraulic hammer are specially design with cushion rubber shock absorption system. For comfortable operation, it produces lower noise for city projects. The Hydraulic hammer for excavator has easy to maintain design, and it has quality wear-resisting material for longer working life.

Hydraulic hammers

SWT attachments Service Introduction for global dealers:

1.Pre-Sales Service

We offer professional online sales reqeust service to customer before you place the order to us, including prodcut details,excavator piping kits installation, Operation issue,Operator training, distributor recruitment and policy……

2.Order Service

After you confirmed the order to us, we will keep your order under tracking, including producing status , picture shareing, delivery status, during the shipping, we also help distributor on sales documents preparing, sales and hydraulic hammer installation preparing.

3.After-sales Service

(1)Installation tracked. The excavator rock hammer installation report should be sent back as the warranty starting documents.

(2)Installation Inspection. For some overseas installation, customer can send us the hydraulic hammer working video to our engineer for checking if the hammer is working normally and we will give advice accordingly.

(3)Overseas enginner service.For authorized excavator attachments dealers, we are willing to offer overseas sales and service trainning classes on the work site, as well as urgent eneineer service.

(4)Quick parts service.We are always thinking our customer should get our parts easily which is important to a popular brand imagnation.So we set several overseas hdyraulic hammer sapre parts stock in some area for quick delivery.

3 (1).jpgProfessional sales support service 3 (2).jpgOverseas local service engineer 3 (3).jpgOverseas branch service engineer

Hydraulic hammer knowledges for you:


Generally, Excavator hydraulic hammer is used to perform various tasks, which include:

1. Without blasting rock mining

The hydraulic hammer is used for primary rock mining to save time and increase productivity. The Hydraulic hammer can reduce the load on the primary crusher, therefore increasing the latter’s output.

2. Environment-friendly

Rock mining without blasting is considered environment-friendly work because the blasting emissions get eliminated. Further, this process increases safety at the site as there are no flying rocks in the air.

3. Secondary reduction

If the blasted rock is too big to be managed by the crusher or loading equipment, then comes the importance of secondary reduction. When the latest blasting techniques don’t work in such cases that Hydraulic rock hammer can help.

4. Demolition

Hydraulic demolition hammer is suitable for the demolition buildings for construction company. These demolition hydraulic hammers are generally used to break down concrete materials or structures.

5. Other uses

The hydraulic hammer can be used for other processes like trenching and excavating and tunneling.

User Tips:

It is necessary to examine a hydraulic hammer for wear and tear visually. Before using check the excavator hydraulic hammer to finding any unexpected damaged.

Choose the correct hydraulic hammer tools according to your work. You can’t use any tool for breaking conquered structure. And the hammer should have the correct length and must be routed precisely to help decrease potential downtime.

Meeting the tool point to its particular application can significantly increase Jobsite production and improve the life of the hammer and excavator.


·All the parts of the excavator hydraulic hammer we supply are fixed with standard drawing, forbidding casual producing and avoiding mistakes on the part.

· The main bodies of the hydraulic hammer should be impacting tested before delivery to make sure the delivered product works well and easy to install.

· To improve our service we have to develop some new plus models box type hydraulic hammers. They are very flexible and have big power operation for users.

· To make order and delivery easy our overseas service and parts center are settled already.

· With many years of sales and service experience, our company knows how to offer 100% client satisfaction and make dealer success, by supporting sales, financial, and training service.

How to import hydraulic hammer from factor in China directly.

As the most professional excavator attachments manufacturer,we are mainly working on excavator mounted hydraulic hammer, hydraulic grapple, Hydraulic hammer for mini excavators, quick coupler, rotary screening bucket, hydraulic pulverize, thumb bucket, clamshell bucket, ripper bucket, and tilt bucket.

It is easy to reach us with our website. There you will find a massive number of attachments according to your requirements. All you need to do is select a product, enter your address and details, place the order, and you will get a confirmation mail.

Few clicks can help you to import the hydraulic hammer at your doorstep.Our service team can help you to minimize your downtime and get you back to work as soon as possible.

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SWT box type hydraulic hammer specifications:

Operating Weight Kg 126 151 293 373 569 859
Working Pressure Kg/CM² 80-110 90-120 100-130 120-140 130-150 150-170
Hydraulic Flow L/Min 20-30 26-41 30-45 40-80 45-85 80-110
Impact Frequency Bpm 700-1200 600-1100 500-900 400-800 400-800 350-700
Impact Energy J 290 320 690 900 1300 2100
Tool Diameter MM 45 53 68 75 85 100
Hose Diameter Inch 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 3/4 3/4
Suitable Carrier Weight Ton 1.2-3.0 3.0-4.5 4.0-7.0 5.0-9.0 6.0-11.0 10-15.0
Carrier Bucket Volume M³; 0.03-0.01 0.06-0.2 0.15-0.3 0.2-0.35 0.25-0.5 0.4-0.6
Accumulator No No No No No No
Accumulator Pressure Kg/CM² N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Back Head Gas Pressure Kg/CM² 16.5 16.5 16.5 16.5 16.5 16.5
ITEMS MODEL SS135 SS140 SS150 SS155 SS165 SS175
Operating Weight Box 1641 1858 2157 2629 2830 3991
Working Pressure Kg/CM² 160-180 160-180 160-180 160-180 160-180 160-180
Hydraulic Flow L/Min 100-150 120-180 150-210 180-240 200-260 210-290
Impact Frequency Bpm 350-600 350-500 300-450 300-450 200-350 200-350
Impact Energy J 3588 4500 7000 8500 9000 12000
Tool Diameter MM 135 140 150 155 165 175
Hose Diameter Inch 1″ 1″ 1″ 1-1/4″ 1-1/4″ 1-1/4″
Suitable Carrier Weight Ton 15-21 18-26 27-35 28-35 30-40 40-50
Carrier Bucket Volume 0.6-0.8 0.7-0.9 0.9-1.2 1.1-1.4 1.2-1.7 1.4-2.0
Accumulator No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Accumulator Pressure Kg/CM² N/A 60+/-0.5 60+/-0.5 60+/-0.5 55-60 60+/-0.5
Back Head Gas Pressure Kg/CM² 16.5 16.5 16.5 16.5 16.5 16.5
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