BAUMA 2020, Shanghai,China

Oct 12, 2020

International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines and Construction Vehicles.
Date: November 24–27, 2020 | Shanghai, China


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COVID Attention for foreigner visitors:

Cause of the COVID, Foreigner vistors should follow the latest travel rules stated by China government and Customs. Before you book the ticket to China, please check if any VISA it should get for China access.The new arrived forigner visitors from other countries should be isolated 2 weeks in the Government health sector controled hospitals. All the expense should be offered by visitors himselves.In some countries, the Nucleic acid test report should be necessary before boarding.

Bauma 2020 Introduction:


Growth for every aspect of the industry

Whether it comes to innovations or tried-and-tested technologies—thanks to its extensive range of products and services, bauma CHINA is the leading exhibition in Asia that serves all of the industry’s decision-makers.


All around construction sites

  • Construction vehicles
  • Earth-moving machines
  • Road construction and maintenance equipment
  • Pipe and cable laying equipment and tools
  • Lifting appliances and conveyors
  • Construction equipment, tools and special systems
  • Handling and processing concrete and mortar at construction sites
  • Formwork and scaffolding
  • Site installations


Mining, extraction and processing of raw materials


  • Machines for extraction of raw materials and for mining
  • Handling of raw materials
  • Mineral processing (incl. coke oven equipment)

Production of building materials


  • Manufacture of cement, lime and gypsum compounds for building materials
  • Machines and systems for producing concrete, concrete products and prefabricated components
  • Machines and plants for producing asphalt
  • Machines and plants for producing pre-mixed dry mortar, plaster, screed and building supply store products
  • Machines and plants for producing lime sandstone and building products using power plant residue (fly ash, slag)
  • Building material handling and packaging plant

Component and service suppliers


  • Transmission engineering, fluid technology and power generation units
  • Accessories and wear parts
  • Services
  • Test, measurement and process control engineering
  • Communication and navigation
  • Job safety
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