Analysis Of Piston Fracture Factors Of Hydraulic Breaker

Apr 14, 2020

Friends who often use hydraulic breakers will often encounter broken pistons, but they may not even know how to cause broken pistons. There are many factors that cause the piston to break, such as: poor quality, excessive use, weather, man-made and so on.

To extend its service life, in addition to maintenance, it also requires correct operating essentials. It is necessary to keep the lubricating rod and the impact surface of the piston lubricated, so that the piston will not be easily deformed. If the piston is deformed, it will wear the cylinder liner and the oil seal, and oil leakage will occur. Wear, the replacement cycle will also be extended. Next, let’s analyze the reasons for the piston breakage of the hydraulic breaker:

If it is an ordinary hydraulic breaker, you must not work in water, because there is no waterproof design, water and sand particles can easily enter the cylinder liner, and the hydraulic oil flows downstream, causing the oil quality to be contaminated and the hydraulic oil turns white , Becomes cloudy and emulsified. Then the inside will gradually rust and the piston will break.

Another situation is that if you can’t crack the striking surface within one minute while working, then you should consider striking from other angles. You can’t struck for a long time. It is best to pause for about 20 seconds. Hitting will produce a very high temperature, often high temperature oil seal will accelerate aging and produce oil leakage, which will accelerate damage.

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