Analysis Of Load Detection Of Breaker

Apr 12, 2020

The load of the breaker affects the crushing effect and energy consumption, as well as the normal operation of the breaker. For example, once the overflow valve is damaged but it is not easy to be noticed, that is, working under a limited pressure, the first is the burst of the pipeline, the local overheating of the hydraulic oil, the second is the serious wear of the main directional valve, and other The hydraulic circuit held by the spool (the next spool pointed by the main oil line in the neutral position) is contaminated, so its load should be detected in time.

In multi-stage crushing, only the load at the end of the granularity of the end product is generally detected, usually in a closed-circuit system, and the feed volume includes the amount from the previous crushing section and the circulating load. The main methods for detecting the load of the breaker at the end are as follows, let’s take a look.

(1) Detect the current value in its motor circuit

(2) Directly indicate the material level in the crushing cavity with a contact level meter, that is, to know its load.

(3) Calculated by calculating the circulating load of the crushing and screening closed circuit system.

(4) Weighing the application knowledge of the pipeline of the hammer feeder belt conveyor with a belt scale, etc. The first two methods directly reflect the size of the instantaneous load in the hammer cavity, which is convenient for detection, more convenient for timely adjustment, and can be automatically The adjusting device constitutes an automatic control system.

In addition to not directly reflecting the load in the hammer cavity, the third method also has the advantages of the first two methods, but needs to increase the setting of the concentrator; when the granularity of the conveyed material is too large, the weighing accuracy of various belt scales is relatively Low, so choose less. The third method can only reflect the average load of the crusher over a period of time, and cannot be adjusted in time.

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