Ads-10RS Rock Saw Attachment

SWT excavator mounted rock saw has very high power, high efficiency, easy installation. It is iinstalled directly on the excavator for water cooling.

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Production Application and Features:

A)SWT excavator mounted rock saw has very high power, high efficiency, easy installation. It is iinstalled directly on the excavator for water cooling.

B)After sawing hard rock, it is very good to use a hdyraulic hammer to strike the quarry, and the cost is low.

C)Flexible application, according to the operating environment, you can replace the rock saw disks of different sizes, and can also be replaced with a tree saw for sawing trees.

D)Simple installation, economic maintenance and maintenance, bring a new construction method to your construction problems and bring great fun and a strong sense of sawing power to the construction in the new era.

SWT rock saw can be customized according to excavator, loader power and construction requirements.

Excavator Rock Saw

Being a part of a working team or taking on a great one-person job like excavating, it is essential to choose your excavator rock saw with dedication.

As you know, the excavator became a global tool carrier that delivers a much higher level of efficiency and machine utilization.

Bringing the advantages for our customers, we present the SWT excavator mounted rock saws, which have very high efficiency, high power, and easy installation. SWT rock saw is specially made to optimise the user’s experience.


If you manually try to do everything excavators are enormously useful pieces of equipment that can make worksites run far more efficiently and quickly than they would. Rock cutting saws are designated for cutting parts of the earth, large boulders in the way at a job site. The blades on rock saws do not need any water or cooling while using. Rock saws have the standard teeth; however, teeth can be customised accordingly. There are various sizes of Excavator rock saw for different job. You have to decide which size is suitable for your work.

Let’s have a look at the functions of the SWT excavator saw:

· The SWT rock saw allows slot cutting in asphalt or pavement for utility applications such as water, gas, telecommunications, and sewer.

· Maximum output steel planetary drive gives high torque.

· Other applications comprise cutting for asphalt patch cuts or roadway expansion joints.

· Dual side discharge of material.


· SWT excavator mounted rock saw has very high efficiency, and it can be installed directly on the excavator for water cooling.

· After working on hard rock, an excavator rock saw can be used as a hydraulic hammer to strike the quarry,

· SWT excavator rock saw is available at an affordable price.

· Flexible application, according to the operating environment.

· You can replace the rock saw disks of different sizes and be replaced with a tree saw.

· SWT rock saw can be customized according to excavator, loader power, and construction requirements.


Don’t forget to read the user manual before working because the rock saw can be a dangerous tool if not used properly. The rock saw blade works through high powered rotation, which provide exact cutting for excavation purposes.

SWT rock saws are built with reduced vibration and low noise levels in mind. This feature benefits you when working close to schools, universities, homes, or other areas where you can carry out works without the disruption.

SWT rock saw don’t need water because it is available through a hose adaptable fitting. Water is required to keep the rock-cutting saw blade cool and cut the surface because it can overheats. Sanha Machinery Tech provides SWT rock saws with high quality and advanced features.

Tips for excavator rock saw operator:

1. Operators must wear eye protection at all times.

2. Users have to ensure mud flap and guard are in the exact position and better condition.

3. Assure that operator is at least 600 mm outside the plane of the saw.

4. Do not place high pressure on the blade, and do not pull through the cut.

5. Cut in a downward direction using the weight of the rock saw, then raise the saw and go towards the next cut.

6. Never exceed the maximum flow rate of saw and hydraulic pressure.

7. Keep the blade well clear of the excavator.

8. Try not to remove mud flaps or guards.

9. Make sure the metal part of the blade is touching the ground.




· Usually, with a rock saw, you require a diamond rock cutting saw blade designed to cut cleanly through any other material.

· Remember, the better the edge, the cut will be more precise, and the rock saw will deliver, the better the results.

· SWT rock cutting saw are available in various sizes to be perfectly suited for a particular task.

· There is no sense in using a large size rock saw if the working area needs to be cut small.



The rock saw is an instrument that needs to be managed with care. You need to maintain your rock cutting saw to last longer. Here are a few tips listed below:

· Excavator saw attachment should be checked before and after every use.

· Always give your instrument for servicing to an approved, certified, or qualified person.

· Change rock saw motor lubrication after every 500 hours or when you find it necessary.

· Give blades for servicing if it lost tension.

· Do not ever apply lubrication or anti cease to bolts.



· SWT rock saw is easy and simple to install.

· It is an economical product.

· A new construction method for all your construction problems

· Bring strong sense and great fun of sawing power to the construction in the new era.



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Product Parameters:

Model Excavator Weight Working Flow Rotate Speed Working Pressure Cutting Force Power WIdth Diameter Length
(Ton) (Kg) (L/Min) (RPM) (Bar) (KN) (KW) (M) (M) (M)
SS 5RS 3~7 260 40~80 120~300 180~320 8-11 25 0.6 0.6-1.6 0.48
SS10RS 6~16 380 50~110 120~250 220~320 13-19 40 0.8 0.8-2.0 0.58
SS 15RS 12~18 550 75~150 100~240 220~320 19-27 55 0.85 1.0-2.2 0.7
SS 20RS-1 18~25 1550 150~320 90~230 220~320 31-45 80 1.05 1.2-2.8 0.84
SS 30RS-2 20~35 1950 150~320 90~230 220~320 31-45 80 1.05 1.2-2.8 0.84
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