7 tips for the operation of excavator breaker

Apr 14, 2020

1. Every time you use it, you should first check whether the high-pressure or low-pressure oil pipes of the breaker are loose; at the same time, for the sake of caution, you should always check whether there is oil leakage in other places to avoid the oil pipes falling off due to vibration and causing malfunctions.

2. Place the crushing head vertically on the object to be crushed, and the drill rod should always be kept perpendicular to the surface of the object to be crushed. And make the drill rod press the crushed object tightly. After crushing, the work of the crushing hammer should be stopped immediately to prevent empty hitting.

3. When starting the crushing operation, lift the front car body about 5cm, but do not lift it too high.

4. The crushing head should always be pressed on the crushed object. Do not operate the crushing head when the crushed material is not crushed. When the broken thing is broken, it should be stopped immediately.

5. The crushing direction of the crushing head and the crusher’s own direction will gradually change instead of being in a straight line, so the bucket cylinder should always be adjusted to ensure that the two are in a straight line.

6. When the crushing head can’t break into the crushed object, change the crushing position. Do not continue to crush in a place for more than one minute, otherwise not only the crushing head will be damaged, but also the oil temperature will rise abnormally. For hard objects, start to break from the edge.

7. Do not crush in water or muddy ground. Except for the drill rod, the other parts of the hammer body should not be immersed in water or muddy, otherwise the piston and other parts with similar functions on it will be due to the accumulation of mud stains. Causes premature wear of the breaker.

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