3.5 Ton Zero Tail Mini Digger

3.5 ton zero tail mini digger, equipped with quick hitch, hydraulic hammer, narrow bucket, wide mud bucket, earth auger.

Whatever for personal use or for dealing and renting. This SWE35UF 3.5 ton mini digger is the best choice for you.It is the most pouplar for sale over the world based on competitive price.

Check the working video of this small 3.5 ton digger on Youtube.

Mini Digger

Main configuration:

This SWE35UF 3 ton digger is equiped with a T4F Kubota engine and stage V emission standards, providing strong power. It is equipped with a high performance hydraulic system and relevant elements.

The composite actions of boom, arm, bucket, and the swing motor are very smooth. All of the power that has been packed into this mini digger makes it one of the best performing excavators in its weight class.


It simultaneously meets the emmission standards of Stage V (Europe),T4F (North America) and IV (China), and obtains relevant certificates. It can provide strong and envrionmentally friendly power.

Kubota Engine Mini Digger

Confortable Cabin and operation devices

With space and view are provided by enlarged fromt windscreen and sunroof. In addition, and air conditioner with standard configuration, a floating shock absorber seat, a touch radia and stereo acoustics are also provided to ensure a comfortable driving exprience.

mini digger for rental

Safe Driving Space

A frame supported cab with Fops/Tops safety certificate and a top protective frame (standard configuration) are provided to effectively protect the safety of drivers. In addition, the standard confirguration times also included hidden seat belt, safety hammer, pilot locking lever, swing parking brake, traveling parking brake, and engine safety start system.

3 ton digger

Advanced touch-panel monitor

Micro Digger

Zero Tail Swing

The combinationof zero-tail swing and arm deviation is designed for narrow and complicated working space. When it works near a wall or footer, it can conduct the excavation directly, free from the frquent movement.

Zero tail swing digger

Flat ground operation

The falt ground operation is conducted more smoothly in combination of superstructure swing, boom deviation, dozer blade rising and falling, long and short arms and collaborative operation between bucket and dozer blade.

Flat ground digger

Multi-functional auxiliary toosl and working devices

This mini digger is equipped with braided hydraulic lines (Standard) and auxiliary hydraulic pipline and hydraulic quick connect pipeline (optional) instead of manual operation to meet various construction requirements. It can be equiped with various attachments, such as the grab bucket, hydraulic hammer, earth auger, pile driver, and kinds of functional digging or earthmoving buckets.

mini digger attachments

Easy maintenance

The tail hood and right-hand can be opened completely to ensure easy and convenient a routine inspection along with (b) filter maintenance and replacement. The design of multi-way valve is very conductive to maintenance and repair, free from removal of covering parts.

mini digging excavator

best mini digger

Spare parts for mini digger

A. air filter   B. ELectric fuel feed pump  C.Fuel filter  D.Engine oil tank cap

E. Oil water separator  F. Engine oil filter  G. Radiator tank cap  H. Battery switch

I. Hydraulic oil tank cap J.Oil return filter  K. Auxilrary water tank L. Battery

M.Fuel tank cap    N. Electronic control box

digger attachments

Mini Excavator digger

mini digger price

China mini digger

mini digger for sale

3 ton mini digger

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